floating cart for woocommerce

XT WooCommerce Floating Cart Pro v2.7.9 [Activated]

on April 20, 2024


Floating Cart for WooCommerce: Enhance Shopping Experience

Floating Cart for WooCommerce introduces an interactive and innovative approach to improve your customers’ online shopping experience. This tool features a floating cart that follows customers as they browse through your store, allowing them to easily track their purchases and quickly proceed to checkout when ready.

Key Features:

  1. Seamless Shopping Experience:
    • The floating cart enables customers to add and remove items without leaving the page, providing a seamless and efficient shopping experience.
  2. Increased Conversions:
    • Reduce cart abandonment rates (up to 40%) by simplifying the checkout process, leading to increased conversions and higher revenue.
  3. Visible Cart Icon:
    • A visually appealing icon with item count is always visible on all pages, making it easy for customers to access the cart.
  4. Full Checkout Form:
    • The floating cart includes a full checkout form, allowing customers to place orders without page reloads.
  5. Feature-Rich Options:
    • Enjoy features like free shipping progress bar, coupons, upsell and cross-sell options, PayPal button, Ajax add to cart functionality, auto-height, and more.
  6. Live Preview Customizer:
    • Customize the appearance of the floating cart with the live preview customizer, enabling changes to various elements.
  7. Fly To Cart Animation:
    • Enable a fly-to-cart animation for a visually appealing interaction.
  8. Cart Totals and Savings:
    • Display cart totals and total savings to keep customers informed about their purchases.
  9. Express Checkout Form:
    • Enable an express checkout form for quick and efficient order placement.
  10. Suggested Products:
    • Display related, cross-sell, or upsell products to encourage additional purchases.
  11. Free Shipping Bar:
    • Utilize a free shipping bar to inform customers of potential savings.
  12. Customization Options:
    • Customize cart width, height, Google fonts, colors, backgrounds, icons (SVG, image, font icons), and more.
  13. Loading Spinner Animations:
    • Choose from 11 loading spinner animations to enhance visual appeal.
  14. Ajax Add to Cart:
    • Implement Ajax add to cart functionality on single product pages and within quick view modals.
  15. Device Visibility Options:
    • Control the visibility of the cart on different devices.
  16. RTL Support:
    • Support for right-to-left (RTL) languages.
  17. Automated Updates & Security Patches:
    • Ensure the plugin stays up-to-date with automated updates and security patches.

Upgrade your online store with the Floating Cart for WooCommerce and provide customers with a superior shopping experience, ultimately boosting sales and conversions. Try it today!

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