WpDiscuz Premium + All Addons v7.6.19 [Activated] 

on May 9, 2024


#1 WordPress Comment Plugin

wpDiscuz 7  is a revolutionary perspective on the commenting world!
This plugin changes your website discussion experience and provides you with new user engagement features. It’s totally improved with brand new  innovative features bringing live to your website.

Multi Layout System

wpDiscuz 7 design is fully changed. Three attractive, modern and clean layouts are ready to use. You can even choose different layout for different pages and post types using custom comment form builder settings.

What will you get?

  •  wpdiscuz.7.6.19
  • wpdiscuz-ads-manager-7.0.7
  • wpdiscuz-advanced-likers-7.0.7
  • wpdiscuz-comment-author-info-7.0.13
  • wpdiscuz-comment-search-7.1.1
  • wpdiscuz-comment-translation-7.0.2
  • wpdiscuz-embeds-1.1.2
  • wpdiscuz-emoticons-7.0.15
  • wpdiscuz-frontend-moderation-7.1.0
  • wpdiscuz-media-uploader-7.1.1
  • wpdiscuz-mycred-7.0.6
  • wpdiscuz-online-users-7.0.6
  • wpdiscuz-private-comments-7.0.9
  • wpdiscuz-recaptcha-7.0.4
  • wpdiscuz-report-flagging-7.0.11
  • wpdiscuz-subscribe-manager-7.0.4
  • wpdiscuz-syntax-highlighter-1.0.3
  • wpdiscuz-user-comment-mentioning-7.1.7
  • wpdiscuz-widgets-7.2.6

Inline Questions and Feedback®

With the wpDiscuz 7 we’ve created a brand-new feature in commenting world and are excited to introduce you the Inline Commenting and Feedback. This feature is an interactive article reading option with author’s questions and readers feedback (comments). Now article authors can add questions for readers in any paragraph of the text and ask for feedback while visitors read it.

Comment Bubble

Comment Bubble is a real-time updating sticky comment icon on your web pages. It invites people to comment, displays current comments information and notifies current page viewers about new comments.

Post & Comment Rating

Stand-alone Post Rating

Before, you had to create a Rating field in comment form to allow users rate articles while they comment. There was no way to rate without commenting. Now users can rate articles without leaving comments. wpDiscuz 7 comes with stand-alone Post Rating system located under the article content.

Post Rating Based on Comment Rating Field

The second type, is the old, comment-depended way. You should create a “Rating” custom field in comment form allowing people to rate while they leave a comment.

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