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WPC Grouped Product for WooCommerce Premium 5.0.7

on June 14, 2024

$33.35 $5.80

Enhance Your WooCommerce Store with WPC Grouped Product

WPC Grouped Product for WooCommerce is a feature-rich plugin designed to enable users to create grouped products effortlessly. Whether it’s simple products, variable products, or variations, this plugin allows you to bring different items together into a cohesive group, forming a new product type. By offering flexibility in product grouping, WPC Grouped Product enhances cross-selling opportunities, provides suggestions on related items, and ultimately contributes to increased revenues for your WooCommerce online store.

Major Features

1. Easy Search & Addition of Products

2. Drag & Drop Rearrangement

  • Use a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface to rearrange the items in your grouped product list.

3. Customizable Price Format

  • Customize the price format at both the system and product levels for a personalized touch.

4. Enable/Disable Link to Individual Products

5. Enable/Disable Zero Price Main Product

  • Decide whether the main product with a zero price can be added to the cart.

6. Editable Above/Under Item List Text

  • Customize the text above or under the grouped product item list for clarity.

7. Varied Predefined Quantity for Items

  • Set varied predefined quantities for items in the grouped product.

8. Various Custom Positions

  • Choose from various custom positions for the grouped product list.

9. Compatibility with Other Plugins

  • Enjoy compatibility with other WPC plugins, WooCommerce add-ons, and WordPress themes.

Powerful Product Grouping for WooCommerce Stores

A grouped product allows you to create a special type of product where the grouped items remain individual products with no inherent promotional or discounting methods. WPC Grouped Product extends WooCommerce’s default capabilities by enabling the grouping of variable products or specific variations, making it a versatile solution for professional site builders and store owners.

WPC Grouped Product doesn’t just limit you to simple products; it allows you to add variable products or specific variations to the group. This flexibility makes it a powerful tool for creating enticing and varied product bundles.

Useful Cases in Practice of WPC Grouped Products

1. Separate Management of Product Versions

  • Keep different versions or choices of a product as separate simple products for easy stock management.

2. Grouping Distinct but Related Items

  • Group distinct but related items, like a series of textbooks and workbooks for all subjects in grade 1.

3. Multiple Category Listings

  • Create different listings for products that belong to multiple categories, providing freedom of choice for buyers.

4. Zero Price Main Product for Freebies

  • Offer a zero-price main product as an incentive for customers to buy, making the deal more appealing.

5. Free Gift & Giveaway Items

  • Provide free gift or giveaway items by setting the main product’s price to zero, encouraging customers to save more.

Zero Price Main Product

The practice of offering a main product at zero price is a strategic move to make the deal more appealing to customers. By presenting the main product as free or at a low price, buyers perceive increased benefits and are more likely to accept the deal.

Flexible Combination with Other WPC Plugins

WPC Grouped Product seamlessly integrates with other WPC plugins, enhancing the overall functionality of your WooCommerce store.

Combination with WPC Frequently Bought Together or WPC Force Sells

When combined with WPC Frequently Bought Together or WPC Force Sells, users can introduce more complex buying conditions to their deals:

  • WPC Frequently Bought Together:
    • Add additional products as optional choices.
    • Set discounts for Bought Together items.
    • Set fixed or customizable default quantities.
    • Sync the quantity of the main product with Bought Together items.
  • WPC Force Sells:
    • Add additional products as required choices.
    • Set discounts for Force Sells items.
    • Set fixed default quantities (non-customizable).
    • Maintain synchronization of the quantity of force-sell items with the main product.

Take control of your product grouping strategy with WPC Grouped Product for WooCommerce. Whether you want to suggest related items, offer freebies, or create enticing bundles, this plugin provides a user-friendly and powerful solution for your WooCommerce store.

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