wpc frequently bought together for woocommerce

WPC Frequently Bought Together for WooCommerce Premium 7.1.2

on June 1, 2024

$33.35 $5.80

WPC Frequently Bought Together for WooCommerce

WPC Frequently Bought Together for WooCommerce is a powerful plugin developed by WPClever to enhance cross-selling strategies for online businesses, ultimately leading to increased sales and profits. The plugin enables store owners to create custom lists of products to be offered as add-ons for individual products on their WooCommerce sites. These bought-together products can include related items, cross-sells, and upsells configured for each product.


  1. Promote Related Products:
    • Boost the visibility and sales of related products, cross-sells, and upsells.
  2. Increase Order Sizes and Values:
    • Encourage customers to purchase additional items, thus boosting order sizes and values.
  3. Improve Conversion Rate:
    • Improve the overall conversion rate of your online store.

Main Features

  1. Custom Product Lists:
    • Specify a custom list of products to be bought together for each product.
  2. Default Products:
    • Show related products, upsells, and/or cross-sells as bought together by default.
  3. Disable Option:
    • Turn off the bought-together settings at the product level.
  4. Multiple Layouts:
    • Choose from various layouts, including default list, grid with 2, 3, 4 columns, and separate images.
  5. Set New Prices:
    • Set a new price by entering a percentage or an amount for each item.
  6. Default Quantity:
    • Set up a default quantity for each item in the bought-together list.
  7. Pricing Methods:
    • Calculate prices based on regular or sale prices.
  8. Drag & Drop Rearrangement:
    • Easily rearrange the order of products with drag and drop.
  9. Exclude/Keep Unpurchasable Products:
    • Exclude or keep unpurchasable products from the bought-together list.
  10. Check All Options:
    • Enable/disable check-all options by default.
  11. Responsive Mode:
    • Use a different layout for the desktop and mobile versions.
  12. Link to Individual Products:
    • Link to individual products in the same or new tab, or in a Quick View popup.
  13. Customize Position:
    • Customize the position of the product list, above or under the add-to-cart button, etc.
  14. Custom Quantity:
  15. Change Quantity in Cart:
    • Allow buyers to change the quantities of add-ons in the cart.
  16. Min/Max Quantity Limits:
    • Set up min/max quantity limits for bought-together products.
  17. Selector Interfaces:
    • Choose from various selector interfaces, including default dropdown or radio buttons.
  18. Adjust Main Product’s Visibility, Image, and Price:
    • Customize the main product’s visibility, image, and price.
  19. Show/Hide Product Details:
    • Show/hide product details such as thumbnail, price, and short description.
  20. Localization Tab:
    • Customize additional price, associated text, above/under text, etc.
  21. Add Separately Option:
    • Make additional items be treated as separate individual products.
  22. Advanced Search Settings:
    • Specify product types, search by SKU, ID, phrase or exact match, etc.
  23. Compatibility:
    • Compatible with most WordPress themes, WooCommerce add-ons, and WPC plugins.

Premium Features

  1. Add Variable Products or Specific Variations:
    • Premium version allows adding variable products or specific variations as bought together.
  2. Smart Rules for Bulk Configurations:
  3. Lifetime Updates & 1-Year Premium Support:
    • Premium version includes lifetime plugin updates and 1-year dedicated premium support.

Practical Uses of WPC Frequently Bought Together

The plugin is highly versatile and can be used in various scenarios, such as:

  1. Bundle Offers:
    • Create bundle offers where customers get a discount when buying a combination of products.
  2. Fashion Collections:
    • Suggest suitable jeans and shoes that complement a beautiful shirt and offer a discount for purchasing all three items.
  3. Jewelry Sets:
    • Invite customers to buy multiple pieces of jewelry from the same collection at a discounted rate.
  4. Multi-Product Deals:
    • Combine products from different collections and offer a special discount.
  5. Variable Product Deals:
    • Create deals with variable products or specific variations.
  6. Custom Discount Deals:
    • Set up complex deals with different quantities and prices for additional items.

Frequently Bought Together at Multiple Levels

Users can specify bought-together products at multiple levels:

  1. Storewide – Automatically:
    • Use default products settings under WPClever >> Bought Together section to automatically choose which types of products to show as bought together.
  2. Product Basis:
    • Manually add a handpicked list of products in the Bought Together tab of each product page, prioritizing over default products settings.

Premium Smart Rules (since version 7.0.0)

The Smart Rules tab is available in the Premium version, allowing users to configure a custom list of bought-together products for multiple products using various sources:

  1. All Products – Storewide:
    • Apply to all products in the store.
  2. Selected Products:
    • Apply to specific selected products.
  3. Combined Sources:
    • Combine several sources, such as product types, brands, collections,

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