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WP User Frontend Pro Business 4.0.8 WeDevs [Activated]

on June 14, 2024

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WP User Frontend Pro: The Ultimate Frontend Solution for WordPress

Empower your users to take control of everything directly from the frontend with WP User Frontend Pro – the all-in-one solution for effortless creation of registration forms, profiles, WooCommerce products, subscriptions, and contact forms, all with robust support for custom post types.

Key Features:

  • Effortless Frontend Management: Seamlessly build registration forms, profiles, WooCommerce products, subscriptions, and contact forms with custom post types support, all from the frontend for enhanced user convenience.
  • Versatile Applications: Unlock a world of possibilities, including guest posting, content submission, event registration forms, and the transformation of your WordPress blog into a membership site with community socialization.
  • Content Submission: Allow guest posting and content submission, introducing subscription packs and coupons for added flexibility and revenue generation.
  • Event Registration: Create easy-to-use event registration forms, enabling users to post directly from the frontend for streamlined event management.
  • Membership Site Transformation: Turn your WordPress blog into a dynamic membership site, fostering community engagement and socialization.
  • Content Restriction: Efficiently restrict content menu by user roles and edit content availability subscription pack-wise, providing tailored experiences for different user groups.

Your All-in-one Frontend Companion:

Frontend Posting: Create forms effortlessly and allow users to post anything directly from the frontend, seamlessly integrating forms into pages using shortcodes.

Registration & Profile Builder: Effortlessly create registration forms and profiles with templates and a variety of fields for customization, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Form Templates: Quickly create pre-defined forms with a single click, with the added benefit of drag-and-drop customization for personalized form building.

Subscriptions: Monetize your site with subscription-based posting, utilizing built-in gateways for seamless transactions and rewarding contributors.

Content Restrictions: Restrict content access based on user roles or subscription packs, ensuring premium content remains exclusive.

Frontend Dashboard: Provide registered users with individual dashboards using a simple shortcode, offering a centralized hub for managing their posts, payments, comments, and more.

Frontend Posting:

Post Form Builder: Design intuitive forms with a drag-and-drop form builder, ensuring your frontend needs are met swiftly.

Post Types & Taxonomies: Build exclusive submission forms by utilizing custom post types and taxonomies in reference to each other.

Custom Field Support: Utilize over 25 custom field types to build forms tailored to your specific requirements.

Guest Posting: Allow guests to post from the frontend with full capabilities, enhancing user engagement and content diversity.

Registration & Profile Builder:

Registration Form Builder: Create complete registration forms with a single click, and use drag-and-drop functionality for easy form building.

User Profile Builder: Enable users to update their profiles from the frontend with a shortcode, assigning profile builder forms to specific WordPress user roles.

My Account on Frontend: Registered users gain access to an account page from where they can manage their posts, payments, comments, and other account details.

Create Database: Build a comprehensive user database by registering hundreds of users and using their profile fields to meet your specific requirements.


Charge User for Posting: Charge users in various ways with built-in payment gateways and hassle-free transaction policies.

Pay-per-post on Forms: Earn with every post on your site using this subscription type, providing a monetization avenue for contributors.

Content Locking: Lock high-value submissions and quality content for premium users only, offering exclusivity and added value.

Subscription Signup: Enable guest writers to submit their stories on your site, creating a dynamic and interactive platform.

Content Restrictions:

User Role Based Restriction: Restrict access to premium content based on different user roles on your WordPress site.

Subscription Based Restriction: Create and lock content/pages based on subscription packs, ensuring premium access for subscribers.

Menu Restriction: Hide or lock menu links for specific users based on registration, roles, and subscriptions.

Taxonomy Restriction: Restrict users from posting on specific taxonomies/categories based on their subscription pack.

Frontend Dashboard:

Create Customized Frontend Dashboard: Use simple shortcodes to generate customized individual dashboards for your users, offering a personalized experience.

Create Unified My Account Page: Provide an essential frontend “My Account” page for users, especially valuable when restricting access to the backend.

Frontend Post Management: Allow users to manage their posts directly from the frontend using a feature-rich dashboard for enhanced control.

Frontend Profile Editing: Offer users a profile editing page from the frontend, simplifying the process of updating and managing their details.

Transform your WordPress experience with WP User Frontend Pro, the ultimate frontend solution that streamlines user interactions and content management. Effortlessly create diverse forms, showcase your team’s skills, and enhance your website’s professionalism with this powerful plugin. Elevate your WordPress journey today!

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