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WP Staging Pro 5.70 One-Click Solution for Creating Staging Sites

on June 11, 2024

$216.00 $6.50

WP Staging Pro: Elevate Your WordPress Experience


Enterprise-Grade WordPress Tool:

  • WP Staging Pro is an enterprise-level plugin designed for WordPress professionals to clone, backup, and migrate WordPress websites seamlessly.

WordPress Expert Recommended:

  • Backed by WordPress experts, WP Staging Pro is recognized for its speed, reliability, and clean code, making it a top choice among professionals.

Key Features

Backup & Restore

Reliable Site Backup:

  • Perform reliable backups of your entire WordPress site for easy restoration.


Effortless WordPress Copy:

  • Clone your WordPress site effortlessly with a single click, perfect for development purposes.

Website Migration

Smooth Transfer:

  • Transfer or duplicate your website to another server effortlessly.

High Performance

Swift Backup & Cloning:

  • WP Staging Pro offers faster backup and cloning processes compared to other plugins, ensuring optimal performance.

No Cloud Service

Data Resides Locally:

  • All data stays on your server, ensuring privacy and security with no submission to external services.

Multisites Supported

Multisite Compatibility:

  • Clone and push multisites, supporting both Main and Network Sites within WordPress.

Functionality Highlights

One-Click Backup

Effortless Backup Process:

  • Perform backups with a single click, simplifying the backup process for WordPress websites.

Backup Options

Customizable Backup Options:

  • Configure backup options to suit your specific needs, offering flexibility in the backup process.

Backup Schedules

Scheduled Backups:

  • Set up schedules for automatic backups, ensuring regular and reliable site backups.

One-Click Cloning

Instant WordPress Cloning:

  • Clone your WordPress site with a single click, streamlining the cloning process for development.

Create Multiple Clones

Versatile Cloning:

  • Generate multiple clones of your WordPress site for various purposes, enhancing flexibility.

Files & Folders Selection

Selective Cloning:

  • Choose specific files and folders for cloning, allowing you to customize the cloning process.

Clone to Another Database

Database Independence:

  • Clone your site to another database, maintaining independence between the staging and production sites.

Website Transfer

Seamless Site Transfer:

  • Transfer your website effortlessly to another server or domain, ensuring a smooth migration process.

User Authentication

Secure Staging Access:

  • Control access to the staging site by allowing specific users and roles, ensuring security.

Extremely Fast

Optimized Performance:

  • Benefit from high-speed backup and cloning processes, even for large websites exceeding 50GB.

Advanced Features

Website Cloning and Migration

Enhanced Duplicate & Migration:

  • WP Staging Pro takes website cloning and migration to a new level, offering speed and efficiency.

Faster Site Backups

Quick Backup Process:

  • Create manual and scheduled backups with superior speed and lower server load, outperforming other backup plugins.

Website Transfer

Effortless Migration:

  • Move your local development website to a production server or transfer and migrate your website to another domain with WP Staging Pro handling the entire process automatically.

Website Cloning

Clone WordPress Sites:

  • Clone single and multisite WordPress installations to subdomains or subfolders effortlessly.

Convert Multisites

Multisite Conversion:

  • Clone and convert multisite network sites to individual WordPress single sites, expanding flexibility.

Clone to Separate Database

Database Independence:

  • Create staging or development sites with separate databases, maintaining complete independence from the production site.

Clone to External Database

External Database Cloning:

  • Clone your WordPress site to an external database, offering versatility in the cloning process.

Clone to Subdomain

Subdomain Cloning:

  • Clone your WordPress site to a subdomain or subfolder, facilitating easy staging site creation.

Push Staging Site to Live

Seamless Deployment:

  • Use the push feature to copy a staging site directly to the production website, streamlining deployment.

User Authentication

Controlled Access:

  • Control access to the staging site by specifying users and roles with default access limited to administrators.

Robust Code Quality

Unit Tested Code:

  • WP Staging Pro undergoes rigorous unit testing, with more than 1000 automatic unit and acceptance tests executed on every release. The result is a highly robust code base that is easy to maintain and future-proof for upcoming WordPress releases.

Outstanding Support

Expert WordPress Support:

  • The responsive support team consists of WordPress experts with extensive technical knowledge. The team can address various issues, even for highly customized WordPress sites, providing exceptional support to users.

WP Staging Pro stands out as a top-tier WordPress backup and migration plugin, recommended by professionals for its speed, reliability, and code quality. With features like one-click backup, cloning, and advanced migration options, WP Staging Pro empowers users to manage WordPress websites with efficiency and precision.

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