WP SEO Structured Data Schema Pro

WP SEO Structured Data Schema Pro v.1.4.9

on October 21, 2023


Pro Version Features:

  1. Supports Custom Post Type
  2. Auto populates fields from page/ post/ custom post type data (Click on “Auto Fill” Button to auto populate common fields like Title, url, featured image, excerpt, content, url, create & published data etc… )
  3. Auto populates publisher data fill from settings
  4. Dynamic Selected Tab (so you know what schema types are active on a page or post)
  5. Extra Schema added for: 1) Books 2) Courses 3) Job Postings 4) Movies 5) Music 6) Recipes 7) TV Episodes 8) Course 9) QA Page 10) FAQ Page 11) Software App 12) Item list 13) Archive Page 14) TechArticle 15) MedicalWebPage 16) CollectionPage;
  6. Multiple Schema for a single page (added V 1.1)
  7. Add Review of each item (V 1.3.0 Google new update)

Structured data and schema are becoming more and more important for search engine optimization. The bad news is that this is pretty complicated stuff and even the most seasoned SEO specialists struggle with the proper implementation of structured data and schema. The good news is that we have created the WordPress SEO Structured Data Schema plugin which enables web designers and business owners a super-easy way to add schema for:

  • Organizations
  • Local Businesses
  • Articles
  • Blog Postings
  • Events
  • Products
  • Videos
  • Services
  • Ratings

We created this plugin after trying dozens of free and premium schema and rich snippet plugins for WordPress. There are some great ones out there for specific kinds of content, but we could not find an easy-to-use, comprehensive JSON-LD plugin that provided features that most business websites need. So we made our own.

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