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WP Adminify Pro v3.2.4.3 Powerhouse Toolkit for WordPress Dashboard [Activated]

on April 20, 2024


WP Adminify: Transforming WordPress Dashboard Experience

Overview: WP Adminify is a feature-packed WordPress plugin designed to elevate the user experience of the WordPress dashboard. It offers a variety of modules that allow users to customize, optimize, and personalize the dashboard according to their preferences. From dark mode and admin notice management to login customization and admin page creation, WP Adminify brings a range of tools to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the WordPress admin panel.

Key Features:

  1. Admin Columns Customizer:
    • Customize stylistic columns on various screens, such as pages, posts, media, patterns, and user screens. Easily modify properties and define column positions.
  2. Dark Mode:
    • Switch between dark and white modes effortlessly for optimal eye relief, providing a personalized and comfortable dashboard interface.
  3. WordPress Login Customizer:
    • Enhance the functionality and appearance of the login page. Customize login page elements, improving the overall user experience.
  4. Media/Post Type Folders:
    • Create folders to organize the media library, posts, pages, and post types. Categorize media files using a drag-and-drop method for easy access.
  5. Admin Menu Editor:
    • Manually edit and rearrange Dashboard menu items. Show or hide specific menu items, change menu titles, icons, URLs, and permissions for full control over the admin section.
  6. Change Default Login URL:
    • Change the default WordPress login URL to enhance security. Redirect WP-Admin features and customize other unique settings related to login.
  7. Disable Admin Notice:
    • Improve productivity by hiding theme, plugin, and update notices from the WordPress dashboard. Choose to keep or remove specific types of notices based on preferences.
  8. Custom Dashboard & Welcome Widget:
    • Add necessary widgets to the WordPress dashboard to display valuable information. Customize the widgets with various content types like icons, shortcodes, videos, etc.
  9. Dashboard Activity Logs:
    • Track user activity on the WordPress website. Monitor changes from essential WordPress elements to simple dashboard settings.
  10. Admin Page:
    • Create and customize an unlimited number of admin pages. Utilize popular page builders like Elementor, Oxygen, Visual Composer, etc., for a stunning and drag-and-drop admin page creation.
  11. Post Type Order:
    • Reorder and organize posts, pages, media, and post types efficiently. Streamline content presentation with an innovative and straightforward approach.

Usage Scenarios:

  • Agencies and developers customizing WordPress dashboards for clients.
  • Website owners seeking a personalized and optimized admin experience.
  • Users managing multiple sites and wanting a streamlined dashboard.

WP Adminify is a versatile plugin catering to a broad range of user needs, providing tools for both functionality and design customization within the WordPress admin panel.

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