wordpress woocommerce marketplace buyer seller chat plugin

WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Buyer Seller Chat Plugin v2.4.2

on February 19, 2024


WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Buyer Seller Chat Plugin

The WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Buyer Seller Chat Plugin is an extension designed to work with Webkul’s WordPress WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace. It facilitates real-time communication between marketplace sellers and buyers through a chat system. Below are the key features of this plugin:

  1. Real-time Conversation Management:
    • Built on Socket.IO, providing an efficient and real-time chat management system.
  2. Buyer-Seller Communication:
    • Buyers can initiate contact with any seller on the marketplace, enabling direct communication.
  3. Seller’s Buyer List:
    • Sellers have access to a list of buyers who have engaged in communication.
  4. Seller Status:
    • Sellers can modify their status to online, busy, or away based on their availability.
  5. Smiley Support:
    • Supports smileys for user-to-user interaction, enhancing the chat experience.
  6. Multiple Communication Options:
    • Provides various communication options for both buyers and sellers, making it versatile.
  7. Admin Access to Communication History:
    • The admin has access to the communication history between sellers and buyers.
  8. Notification Sound:
    • Supports notification sounds for both sellers and buyers, ensuring timely message alerts.

Highlighted Features:

  • Real-time Conversation Management Solution: The plugin utilizes Socket.IO for real-time communication management.
  • Buyers Communicate with Any Seller: Buyers can negotiate with any vendor on the marketplace.
  • Merchant Status Modification: Merchants can modify their status to online, busy, or away as per their availability.
  • Multiple Chat Options: The plugin allows for several chat sessions for both buyers and sellers.

Business Use:

The WooCommerce Marketplace Buyer Seller Chat Plugin serves as an effective communication tool for sellers and buyers within a WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace. Key use cases include:

  • Direct Communication: Facilitates direct communication between sellers and buyers in real-time.
  • Product Queries: Buyers can ask questions about products or seek additional information about upcoming products.
  • Negotiation: Enables buyers to negotiate with sellers, leading to potential sales conversions.
  • Efficient Seller Interaction: Sellers can engage in multiple chat sessions simultaneously, enhancing their interaction with buyers.

This plugin aims to enhance the overall user experience on the marketplace by fostering direct and efficient communication between buyers and sellers.

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