Woofunnels (FunnelKit) Aero Checkout 3.14.1

on May 14, 2024

$179.00 $6.20

Get More Sales with Optimized WooCommerce Checkout

FunnelKit Checkout gives you ready-to-use checkout templates, embed forms, one-page checkouts, and more.

Not Happy With Default Checkout?

Here’s why your WooCommerce checkout isn’t bringing enough sales…

Has serious limitations

You can’t add new or remove fields, change their order, or customize the page. The standard checkout looks the same for every business.


  • woofunnels-aero-checkout v3.14.1
  • woofunnels-carthopper-skip-cart-v1.1.0
  • woofunnels-order-bump-v1.21.0

Leaves shoppers feeling anxious

User anxiety peaks on the checkout page. Sections on testimonials, support, and guarantees help pacify it. These are missing from default.

Ignores mobile shoppers

50.3% of traffic comes from mobile. But native checkout isn’t optimized for the mobile experience.

Say Goodbye to Default WooCommerce Checkout

Say hello to FunnelKit Checkout: The most flexible checkout page plugin built to maximize conversions

Multi-step checkout pages 

A long checkout form looks overwhelming. You can split it into multiple steps- collect the contact details first, followed by other details. Capture emails early in the process.

Mini cart modification

Allow users to review items before making payment. They can delete item(s), adjust the quantity & see item images. Get ready to provide a great user experience.

WooCommerce checkout field preview

Let users preview select fields from the previous step on the current step. In case of an error, they can hit change and edit a field right away. The transition between steps is smooth.

Google Address Autocomplete

Mistyping in the address fields often causes costly failed deliveries. With address autocomplete, users enter a few characters of their street address and see matching options.

Reasons to buy

List the reasons to buy in bullets. Maybe your business donates to charity, uses organic ingredients, or ships the next day. Whatever it may be, state the reasons in bullets.

Mobile-optimized checkouts

  • Collapsible order summary
  • Sticky CTA button for mobile
  • Express checkout options

Increase conversions and lower abandonment with frictionless mobile checkout experience.

Get More Sales At Higher-Order Value With Bonus WooCommerce Checkout Add-Ons

Enjoy our value-adding bonuses available in different plans.

Cart Hopper

Let users skip the conventional cart and go straight to the checkout page from the product page or a custom landing page. Customize the add to cart button label and add custom text like ‘buy now.’

Order Bump

Cross-sell complementary items on the checkout people can add with one click. Offers such as extended warranty, a limited edition item, or extra batteries work like a charm.

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