woocommerce wholesale pro

WooCommerce Wholesale Pro v2.1.4 [Barn2] Activated

on February 28, 2024


Elevate Your Business with WooCommerce Wholesale Integration

Unleash the Power of Wholesale in Your Online Store

Transform your business by seamlessly integrating a dedicated wholesale area into your public store. Unlock a hidden section exclusively for wholesale users, featuring wholesale registration, specialized roles, B2B discounts, and streamlined order forms. Bid farewell to manual wholesale order processing and ensure your wholesale revenue stays in the spotlight.

No More Missed Wholesale Opportunities

If you’re currently managing wholesale orders manually or your wholesale area mirrors your public shop, it’s time for a change. Say goodbye to missed wholesale revenue opportunities – act now! We guarantee satisfaction or your money back.

Key Features of WooCommerce Wholesale Pro

WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing:

  • Implement advanced wholesale pricing and discounts
  • Create unlimited wholesale roles with unique pricing structures
  • Set global or category percentage discounts
  • Add specific wholesale prices for individual products

Wholesale User Management:

  • Allow wholesale buyers to register easily
  • Choose between moderating new accounts or enabling instant access
  • Manual addition of wholesale users or quick conversion of existing customer accounts

One-Page Wholesale Order Forms:

  • Combine WooCommerce Wholesale Pro with our WooCommerce Product Table plugin for efficient wholesale order forms
  • Benefit from a bulk buying interface designed specifically for wholesale transactions
  • Maximize your wholesale revenue with a streamlined ordering process

Packed with Essential Features

Our WooCommerce Wholesale Pro is meticulously crafted based on insights from hundreds of wholesale stores, ensuring it meets all your B2B needs:

  • Flexible Pricing Options:
    • Set wholesale prices per role with global, category, or product-specific discounts.
  • Unlimited Wholesale Roles:
    • Create diverse wholesale roles, each with its own exclusive discounts.
  • Wholesale Registration:
    • Customize your wholesale registration form, complete with email notifications and moderation options.
  • Wholesale Visibility:
    • Take control of your store’s visibility by showing or hiding product categories, taxes, coupons, and payment & shipping options.
  • Wholesale Order Forms:
    • Acquire WooCommerce Wholesale Pro alongside WooCommerce Product Table for purpose-built, one-page order forms.
  • Maintain Your Public Shop:
    • Choose between creating a wholesale-only store or seamlessly integrating a private wholesale section alongside your existing public shop.

Upgrade your WooCommerce store with the ultimate wholesale solution. Experience the convenience, efficiency, and revenue boost that WooCommerce Wholesale Pro brings to your business!

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