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on February 18, 2024


WooCommerce Product Batch Numbers: Efficient Stock Control with Batch Management

The WooCommerce Product Batch Numbers plugin offers a practical solution for managing batch or lot numbers at both the product and order levels within WooCommerce. Whether you deal with food, supplements, or any products requiring batch tracking, this lightweight and fully integrated extension ensures you have a robust system for maintaining stock control.

Key Features:

  1. Batch Number Management:
    • Easily manage batch or lot numbers for products in WooCommerce.
    • Support for both simple and variable products, allowing you to track numbers based on expiration date, supplier, and availability.
  2. User-Friendly Interface:
    • Simple and intuitive interface integrated with existing WooCommerce product pages.
    • Fill in batch numbers for specific products within the inventory tab.
  3. Variable Product Support:
    • For variable products, manage batch numbers at the main product level, with an additional table inside variations for specific lot numbers.
  4. Automatic Batch Assignment:
    • Automatically distribute and assign batches to orders using FIFO (First In, First Out) principles.
    • Streamlined process, keeping the focus on selling without the hassle of manual management.
  5. Manual Batch Adjustment:
    • Ability to manually adjust batch assignments on a per order/item basis when needed.
  6. Stock Control:
    • Maintain strict control of your stock with an efficient batch number management system.
    • Archive batches automatically when the stock limit is reached, using the next available one.
  7. Expiration Date Monitoring:
    • Optional feature to keep track of expiration dates.
    • Color changes to red when the expiration date is near or has passed, ensuring you don’t inadvertently sell expired products.
  8. Order History Tracking:
    • Know the orders containing a specific batch number for a comprehensive overview of sales and clients.
    • Efficient tracking in case of product issues, providing details on who bought it and when.

The WooCommerce Product Batch Numbers plugin is designed to provide a seamless and effective solution for businesses that require batch tracking. With features like automatic batch assignment, manual adjustments, stock control, and expiration date monitoring, this extension ensures efficient stock management within your WooCommerce store.

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