woocommerce pre sale, time offer & expiring system

WooCommerce Pre-sale, Time offer & Expiring System (v11.5)

on November 5, 2023


WooCommerce Pre-sales, Time Offers & Expiring System (WCPS) is a powerful plugin designed to provide a range of capabilities for configuring special prices and offers for products within your WooCommerce store. This versatile tool enables you to plan pre-sales, time-limited offers, and expiring product strategies for your items. Here are the key features and functionalities it offers:

  1. Flexible Pricing and Offer Scheduling:
    • Configure special prices for products based on specific time periods. These periods can include pre-sale promotions, limited-time offers, weekend sales, seasonal discounts, and more.
    • Assign pre-sales and time-limited offers to products.
  2. Multiple End/Expiring Strategies:
    • WCPS offers flexibility in defining how products behave once their promotional period ends.
    • End strategies include:
      • By a set end date, after which the product returns to its regular price or becomes unavailable for purchase.
      • When a “Goal Threshold” is reached, making the product unavailable or returning it to its regular price.
      • Optionally, the threshold limit can be checked only at the expiring date, allowing the product to switch to its regular price or be marked as unavailable if the goal threshold is met.
  3. Notification and Visibility Options:
    • The plugin allows for email notifications to be sent when a product is about to expire. These notifications can be configured to be sent to site admins or specified email addresses.
    • You can choose to display expired products in your store, even when they have expired. However, customers won’t be able to purchase them after their promotional period ends.
    • Custom messages and product page text can be set for expired products to provide context to customers.
  4. Product Visibility Control:
    • Products can be made visible but unpurchasable until the pre-sale or time-offer period begins.
  5. User Roles Restriction:
    • You can configure pre-sale and time-offer periods to be available only for specific user roles. Non-allowed roles won’t be able to add these products to their cart.
  6. Deposit and Coupon Deduction System:
    • You can allow customers to make a deposit for a product and pay the remaining amount after the pre-sale or time-offer period.
    • After the checkout, one-time usage coupon codes are generated for products with the deposit option. These coupons are included in the “New Order Email” sent to customers.
  7. Display Old Price with Line-Through:
    • Optionally, you can display the old price with a line-through on product pages.
  8. Automatic Publishing:
    • WCPS allows you to plan pre-sales or time-offers for products that are in “Draft” status. The plugin will automatically publish these products once their start date arrives.
  9. Purchase Limits:
    • You can limit the number of products a customer can purchase per order and set restrictions on the number of products a customer can buy.
    • Optionally, restrict product purchases to customers who have previously bought the product during the pre-sale or time-offer period.
  10. Custom Messages, Add to Cart Labels, and Countdown Timers:
    • You can configure custom messages, labels, and countdown timers to display on product pages, shop pages, and in product lists.
  11. Current Sales Progress Bar:
    • Display a visual progress bar on product pages to indicate the percentage of current sales toward the goal threshold. You can customize the colors.
  12. Sale Badge and Sale Products Search:
    • Display a “Sale” badge on products during their pre-sale or time-offer period if their price is lower than the regular price.
    • You can customize the badge text.
    • Optionally list pre-sale products among the default WooCommerce sale products.
  13. Free Shipping:
    • You can offer free shipping for products during their pre-sale or time-offer period. These products will be marked as virtual to avoid extra shipping costs.
  14. Custom Order Status After Checkout:
    • Assign a special order status to orders that contain at least one product in the pre-sale or time-offer period. You can choose from available custom order statuses created by third-party plugins.
  15. Shortcodes:
    • WCPS provides various shortcodes to display information about pre-sales and time offers. These shortcodes can be used in pages, posts, and WCPS custom messages.
  16. Functions for Retrieving Pre-Sales Info:
    • Global functions are available for theme or plugin developers to retrieve pre-sales information for products. These functions allow you to fetch details like the start date, expiring date, sales progress, and more.
  17. Bulk Editor:
    • You can configure pre-sale and time-offer periods for multiple products simultaneously using the bulk editor available under the “Pre-sales” / “Time Offer” menu.
  18. “Who Bought?” and Total Sales Counter:
    • A box is added to each product’s admin page that shows which registered customers have purchased the item and how many have bought it.
    • The plugin also provides information on the total sales during the pre-sale or time-offer period.
  19. Order Finder:
    • A tool is available for finding all orders containing products sold during a pre-sale or time-offer period. You can search for specific orders using various filters and criteria.

WCPS is a feature-rich tool for WooCommerce that empowers you to create and manage various promotional strategies for your products, enhancing your e-commerce capabilities.

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