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WooCommerce PDF Invoices 5.0.5

on May 15, 2024

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PDF Invoices: Streamlining Your Order Invoicing Process

Elevate Your Customer Experience

Introducing the PDF Invoices extension by Andrew Benbow – a seamless solution to enhance your order processing workflow. This extension automates the creation and attachment of fully customizable PDF invoices to completed order emails, ensuring a professional and efficient experience for both customers and administrators.

Key Features

Customizable Invoice Template

Tailor the appearance of your invoices to align with your brand identity. The extension offers a customizable template, allowing you to design an invoice that reflects your unique style.

Legal Company Information Sections

Include essential legal company information on your invoices, such as tax numbers and other relevant details. This ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and establishes transparency in your transactions.

Sequential Invoice Numbering

Maintain order and organization with sequential numbering for your invoices. This feature contributes to a systematic record-keeping process.

Attach PDF to “New Order” Email for Admins

Facilitate administrators by automatically attaching a PDF copy of the invoice to the “New Order” email. This enhances communication and expedites order processing.

Add Logo Image to PDF

Inject a visual element into your invoices by adding a logo image. This personal touch contributes to brand recognition and professionalism.

Customize Date Format

Adapt the date format to meet your preferences or regional standards. The flexibility in date formatting ensures accuracy and compliance with diverse requirements.

Customize Invoice Number Format

Tailor the format of your invoice numbers according to your business preferences. This customizable feature allows for a personalized and organized numbering system.

Add/Remove Columns Using Filters

Enjoy the flexibility of modifying invoice layouts by adding or removing columns. The extension provides filters for effortless customization, empowering you to present relevant information.

Invoice Number Column in Order List

Efficiently manage and track invoices with the addition of an “Invoice Number” column in the order list. This quick reference simplifies order monitoring.

Resend or Download Invoice

Empower administrators to resend invoices or download copies directly from the order list. This streamlined process contributes to efficient order management.

Invoice Info Meta Box on Edit Order Screen

Access pertinent invoice information conveniently through the dedicated “Invoice Info” meta box on the order edit screen. This feature enhances order administration and ensures easy retrieval of essential details.

Transform your order invoicing process with the PDF Invoices extension – a comprehensive solution designed to optimize efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, and simplify administrative tasks. Elevate your invoicing experience today!

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