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WooCommerce Discontinued Products v1.2.5 [Barn2] 

on April 6, 2024


Managing WooCommerce Discontinued Products Effectively

In the ever-evolving landscape of online retail, the need to discontinue products is inevitable. However, simply removing them from your store might not be the optimal solution. This article explores the best practices for handling discontinued products in WooCommerce, ensuring they retain their SEO value and continue to serve a purpose even after being marked as “discontinued.”

The Proper Way to Discontinue WooCommerce Products

Taking control over discontinued products is crucial to prevent them from disappearing entirely from search results. Learn how to quickly mark WooCommerce products as discontinued, add a ‘Discontinued’ stock status, and manage variations seamlessly. Discover ways to display custom messages and make informed decisions about whether to show or hide discontinued products in your store, all while keeping search engines and your customers satisfied.

Quickly Mark Products as Discontinued

Explore the step-by-step process of marking WooCommerce products as discontinued swiftly. Whether you need to discontinue items immediately or when their stock levels reach zero, this guide provides practical insights.

Keep Search Engines Happy

Maintain the SEO value of your product pages by choosing to show or hide discontinued products strategically. Avoid confusing shoppers and, instead, direct them to alternative products to recover potentially lost sales.

Easy Backend Reporting

Effortlessly discontinue WooCommerce products in bulk and keep track of inactive or end-of-life products through easy backend reporting. Learn how to manage discontinued products separately in inventory and stock reports, ensuring clarity in your store’s backend.

Packed with Features

Discover a wealth of features designed to streamline the management of inactive products. From discontinued stock statuses to custom messages, this guide covers everything you need to effectively handle WooCommerce Discontinued Products.

  • Discontinued Stock Status: Manage discontinued products separately to eliminate confusion with out-of-stock items.
  • Quick Discontinuation: Easily change the stock status of a single product or discontinue multiple products in bulk.
  • Variation Management: Discontinue individual variations while keeping others active or instantly disable all variations for a product.
  • Custom Messages: Inform customers by choosing personalized wording to display on discontinued products.
  • Discontinued Visibility: Decide whether to keep discontinued products visible for SEO reasons or hide them from your store without deletion.
  • Third-Party Integrations: Benefit from compatibility with various plugins that use stock statuses, such as WooCommerce Lead Time and Product Table.

With the insights provided in this article, managing WooCommerce Discontinued Products becomes a seamless and strategic aspect of your online store’s operations.

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