woocommerce designer pro

WooCommerce Designer Pro 1.9.24

on November 18, 2023


Elevate Your WooCommerce Experience with WooCommerce Designer Pro

Unlock Creativity and Functionality with Robust Features

1. CMYK Workspace:

  • Seamlessly switch between CMYK or RGB workspace with a single click, ensuring accurate color representation. Automatically convert uploaded images, including SVG vectors, to CMYK.

2. Templates:

  • Enhance user experience by incorporating multiple designs in the template section, allowing customers to choose and customize effortlessly.

3. Custom Colors:

  • Personalize the editor’s style with colors matching your site, providing a cohesive and branded design environment.

4. Cliparts:

  • Enrich your design options with organized clipart categorized for easy navigation. Attach categories individually to match design themes.

5. QR Code Integration:

  • Effortlessly add QR codes to designs, offering easy access to information via smartphones—a valuable tool for marketing professionals.

6. SVG Edit Colors:

  • Swiftly and easily change the colors of vectors within the editor, providing dynamic design possibilities.

7. Group & Ungroup SVG:

  • Streamline design creation by grouping and ungrouping SVG elements, enabling efficient editing.

8. Static Maps:

  • Allow customers to incorporate maps into their designs, enhancing the efficiency of business cards or flyers for effective advertising.

9. Mask Layer:

  • Integrate mask layers with texts, clipart, or shapes to enhance the visual appeal of images.

10. Multiple Alignments:

  • Enable various alignment options, including grid alignment, vertical spacing adjustments, and alignment between layers.

11. Shapes:

  • Add shapes to designs for versatile and engaging presentations, such as circles, stars, or squares.

12. Text Effects:

  • Explore diverse text effects, including curved text, reverse, arc, small to large, large to small, and bulge.

13. Calendars:

  • Integrate calendar images by categories, ideal for business cards, with customizable display options.

14. Transform:

  • Enable multiple transformations—move, resize, rotate, skew, and flip—providing flexibility in design elements.

15. Layers Management:

  • Manage layers effortlessly, with options to identify, name, sort, block, unlock, or delete layers.

16. Save & Downloads Designs:

  • Facilitate easy saving and downloading of designs, providing customers with convenient management options.

17. Crop Images:

  • Easily crop images to the desired size for precise design adjustments.

18. Image Filters:

  • Offer image filters for clients to easily adjust and enhance their photos within the editor.

19. Manage Designs:

  • Empower customers to manage their saved designs from a designated page, enhancing user control.

20. Custom Bleed Area:

  • Adjust bleed area dimensions, color, and radius to customize the visual aspects of designs.

21. Variation Prices:

  • Ensure compatibility with WooCommerce variations for seamless pricing adjustments.

22. Support Google and Custom Fonts:

  • Choose from 800+ Google fonts or add custom font files (TTF, EOT, WOFF, WOFF2) for versatile text customization.

23. Custom Palettes:

  • Customize color palettes by adding or removing colors for client use in texts, shapes, vectors, and backgrounds.

24. Watermark Protection:

  • Add watermarks to downloaded designs, safeguarding them from unauthorized copying.

25. Multiple Output Formats:

  • Configure output file dimensions and generate formats such as JPG, PNG, SVG, PDF, JSON, and CMYK 300DPI in high resolution.

26. Powerful Toolbar:

  • Access a robust toolbar offering features like select and erase all, grid alignment, layer grouping, duplication, and more.

27. Compatible with WPML:

  • Seamless compatibility with the WPML plugin, allowing easy translation into any language for global accessibility.

Elevate your WooCommerce store’s design capabilities and functionality with WooCommerce Designer Pro, providing a versatile platform for creativity and customization.

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