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WooCommerce Delivery & Pickup Date Time by CodeRockz 1.4.32

on June 2, 2024

$50.00 $5.50

Enhance Your WooCommerce Store with WooCommerce Delivery & Pickup Date Time Plugin

The WooCommerce Delivery & Pickup Date Time plugin is a powerful extension designed to streamline the ordering process on your WooCommerce store. Here’s how it can benefit your business:

Key Features:

1. Select Delivery/Pickup Date and Time

  • Allow customers to choose their preferred delivery or pickup date and time during the checkout process.

2. Pickup Locations

  • Store admins can create a list of pickup locations for customers who prefer to collect their orders. Customers can select a pickup location during checkout.

3. Special Instructions

  • Customers can provide special instructions for their orders, enhancing the customization of the delivery or pickup process.

4. Time Zone Based Delivery/Pickup Information

  • Ensure accurate delivery/pickup information by setting it based on the selected timezone.

5. One Tab to Control All Deliveries

  • Utilize the advanced Delivery Reports tab to manage and control all deliveries. View billing and shipping addresses, product details, and easily mark orders as completed or delivered.

6. Report of Product Quantity

  • Generate reports on product quantity, providing valuable insights for preparation and planning.

7. Export as Excel Sheet

  • Export order details and product quantity as an Excel sheet with a single click. Filter information by date and type for convenient analysis.

8. Delivery Calendar

  • Experience the exciting feature of a delivery calendar, allowing you to visualize delivery/pickup orders and product quantity in a calendar view.

9. Delivery Fee/Shipping Methods within X Minutes/Hours

  • Specify shipping methods for the next available x hours/minutes, applicable when customers choose specific timeslots. Set specific delivery fees for the next X hours/minutes.

10. Calendar Language

  • Select your desired language for the date selection calendar, enhancing the user experience. Choose from a variety of languages for customer convenience.

11. Option for Selecting Home Delivery or Self Pickup

  • Provide customers with the flexibility to choose between home delivery and self-pickup. Dynamically enable/disable delivery/pickup based on WooCommerce shipping.

12. Hide Delivery/Pickup Option Based on Cart Amount

  • Hide delivery/pickup options until the cart amount reaches a specified value, promoting larger purchases.

13. Free Shipping Restriction

  • Control the visibility of free shipping methods based on cart amount, weekdays, current date, or other specified dates. Dynamically adjust other shipping methods based on free shipping availability.

14. Off Days

  • Specify off-days for delivery and pickup separately, preventing customers from selecting those days for order fulfillment.

Elevate your WooCommerce store’s efficiency, customization, and user experience with the WooCommerce Delivery & Pickup Date Time plugin. Streamline your order management and enhance customer satisfaction with this feature-rich extension. Purchase now to unlock its full potential!

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