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Woocommerce Custom Product Addons Pro 5.1.0 (AcoWebs)

on May 5, 2024


Woocommerce Custom Product Addons

The WooCommerce Custom Product Addon is a performance-optimized, lightweight, and fruitful plugin that is simply the best to add extra product options using its custom form builder easily.

  • Drag and Drop Form Builder
  • 22+ Field Types
  • Custom Price Formula

Simple to use, powerful results

  • 22+ types of custom Product Fields.
  • Conditional Logic – Show or hide some fields based on the value selected on other fields.
  • Based on variations – Show or hide some fields based on the product variation selected.
  • Set Price for Fields – Price can be set for all the fields available. The price can be a fixed value, percentage value of the product base price.
  • Custom Price Formula – To calculate price using a mathematical formula based on user input value, product quantity, product base price and based on price of other fields as well.
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icon-Woocommerce Custom Product Addons - Input Fields & Text Area

Input Fields & Text Area

Add custom product input fields with various types like Text, Number, Password, Email etc. And also can set a price based on the number of characters, or multiply by the user entered value.

Textarea field can use to collect multi-line strings from customers. WooCommerce Addons let you insert custom input fields on the front end of the WooCommerce store, which customers can fill in before they add the product to the cart. With the textarea field option, WooCommerce custom fields help you input details that are usually longer than a single line.

Select Field & File Upload

Select option help to add multiple items as dropdown. Customers can choose single item or multiple as per configured. Also can set price common for all fields as well as a different price for each field.

File Upload field can use to collect file from users. Files can be images, Videos, Documents and anything that are supported by WordPress. The uploaded file will be stored in uploads folder and can be accessed by URL from site backend. WooCommerce extra product Addons have this option which highly encourages users to upload the files once they purchase the WooCommerce products. The file upload field of the WooCommerce custom product Addons plugin also helps to smoothly integrate the files the user uploads with the layout of the product for sale.

Drag & Drop Upload

To make the field uploading process easier, you can utilize drag and drop upload of WooCommerce Product Addons extension. The most popular method of uploading files lets you develop a drag and drop field which helps users make multiple selections quickly.

CheckBox & Radio Group

Checkbox and Radio Group help to choose from multiple items set in backend. Checkbox used to select multiple items whereas radio used for single selection. Also, can set different price for reach fields.

Admin can configure to show Other option that can choose if customer want options other than the configured one, and also users can enter their own value as other value. Woocommerce custom product fields plugin helps you create different blocks of options that you can insert in the products. Once you create the block, it enables adding options as you need by choosing elements like radio buttons, checkboxes, etc. You can thus also enable setting additional cost that gets added to the standard price of the product.

Date & Time

Date field, Date and Time field and Time field are available with this plugin. Users can choose the date from the custom designed calendar also can enter the value directly. Time fields also work the similar way, shows a list of time slots from which user can select one.

jQuery datetime picker is using for the custom date picker. With the WooCommerce product Addons plugin, you can access the date and time fields, where the users can pick the date from a custom-set calendar. They can also directly give the value input, and choose one from the list of time slots available

Image selector & Color Group

Image selector helps to set custom images to choose from. Admin can add as many images in the backend in any size to as options. It can configure to select multiple as well as single image.

Color Group works the similar way the checkbox and radio groups works, it can set custom color box or circle instead of the default checkbox fields. The selected item will marked with a tick icon.

WooCommerce extra product Addons enable the store to give a special touch to the listed products through these additional features available. The images that support products give users a clear idea and a valid sense of the product displayed to sell. Similarly, the color group enables the replacement of boring checkboxes with custom color boxes making it appealing to the users.

Color Picker

Color Picker can use to collect color input from the user. The user can select the color form the custom designed color picker. The value of this field will be hex color code that admin can view along with the order.

jQuery plugin spectrum is using for the custom color picker. This feature of WooCommerce Addons helps you let users make the selection of the color of the product to easily let the admin understand the color variant the user wants to buy. Woocommerce custom fields let you help improve user experience through the options for users to choose color which lets them buy exactly what they wanted to.

Product as an additional field

You can add any products as an additional field with any other product. This will give you the freedom to convert a product to a bundled/composite product without using any additional plugins. WooCommerce extra product options are a way to include products as custom fields similar to providing an extra service to the users. Using the custom product options for WooCommerce you can enhance customer experience with extra product features to your WooCommerce product pages

Custom Price Fields

Price can set for all the fields available with plugin. The price can be fixed value or percentage value of the product base price.

Price can calculate based on the number of character enterd by user, price can calculate by multiplying the value user entered.

Custom Price Formula

This feature of the WooCommerce extra product options plugin is used to calculate prices with the help of mathematical formulas. The formula can be set to calculate the price based on the value of user input, quantity, and the product base price.

Location selector

Location selector using Google Places API for suggesting the location as user types. Also user can select a location in the map provided. The ultimate aim of any WooCommerce business is to deliver the products to the customer promptly and meets expectations. The custom product addons for WooCommerce help you to include a location selector feature for user input.   Location selector using Google Places API for suggesting the location as user types. Also, users can select a location on the map provided. The location selector helps users to enter the delivery locations of the product easily

Grid/Column Alignment

The grid/column alignment can display the products on your store pages with various styling options. The feature helps you to assign the fields inline in the form of a column/grid. It lets you configure and style the products through these alignment options.


This feature of WooCommerce Addons enables a compact display of the list of product fields for a high-end user experience. Let users expand or collapse the product sections as they require, which makes navigation much easier with a sufficient number of fields. The feature also helps you save screen space and enhances the quick view of fields.

Fields With Quantity

If you wish to incorporate a particular quantity or number of units for a specific option or field, this characteristic feature will help you. The fields with quantity can let you help the users choose more units for the same product if they wish to purchase multiple units.

Conditional Logic

Conditional Logic is used to show or hide some fields based on the value selected for other fields. Fields will be visible or hidden based on matching the criteria set.

It works well with any WooCommerce Product Addons field, where every field has its own set of rules. You can choose to either show or hide the fields for which you assign conditions, once the requirements are met. Generally, conditions refer to the set of rules that specifies what customers should define, write, or choose. Types of conditions rely on depending on the type of field you utilize as the condition.

18 type of conditions are available in this plugin, which are
Is, Is Not, Is Empty, Is Not Empty, Is Greater Than, Is Less Than, Is Greater or Equal, Is Less than or Equal, Text Contain, Text Does Not Contain , Text Starts With, Text Ends With, Date is, Date is Before, Date is After, Time is, Time is Before and Time is After.

Repeating Fields

Instead of repeating the creation of fields multiple times, isn’t it great to have the customization process in a single step? Repeating fields streamlines the customization of fields or groups of fields by automatically repeating them based on the quantity or customers’ actions.

Multiple Sections

It lets users classify the related options and fields to respective sections— this makes it organized and enables ease of navigation through customization. If you wish to bring similar product Addons into a single cluster, you can build sections easily on the product page. Every section is a collection of various fields that help in organizing the page effectively. Like fields, you may also show or hide these sections as required to set the positions specifically to display them. .

Other Features


Set custom html headers with tags <h1>, <h2> and <h3>.


Paragraph can be set and it will show as it is in the front end, Can be used to describe some fields.

Hidden Input

Hidden input type, data will be hidden for users.

Tool Tip & Help text

Help text for each field can be set, which can show as either tooltip or as text alongside the label.

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