woocommerce coupon restrictions

WooCommerce Coupon Restrictions (v2.2.2)

on February 18, 2024


WooCommerce Coupon Restrictions Overview:

The WooCommerce Coupon Restrictions extension enhances the coupon functionality within WooCommerce, providing merchants with advanced options to create targeted coupons and prevent coupon abuse. This extension allows for the restriction of coupons based on customer characteristics, user roles, geographical locations, and enhanced usage limits.

Key Features:

  1. New Customers:
    • Restricts coupons to new customers, encouraging first-time purchases.
    • Verification checks are performed for both logged-in and non-logged-in customers.
  2. Existing Customers:
    • Targets coupon codes specifically for existing customers.
    • Useful for scenarios like product version updates, price changes, or rewarding loyal customers.
  3. User Roles:
    • Restricts coupons based on user roles.
    • Ideal for sites with custom roles (e.g., wholesale, VIP) or membership sites.
  4. Specific Countries:
    • Limits coupons to one or more specified countries.
    • Useful for country-specific promotions, currency changes, or targeted shipping discounts.
  5. Specific Postal Codes or Zip Codes:
    • Restricts coupons based on specific zip codes or postal codes.
    • Supports wildcard matching for flexible restrictions (e.g., “95*” includes all zip codes starting with “95”).
  6. Specific States or Provinces:
    • Restricts coupons to specific states or provinces.
  7. Prevent Coupon Abuse:
    • Similar Emails Usage Limit: Prevents coupon abuse by detecting similar email addresses.
    • Shipping Address Usage Limit: Limits coupon usage with a specific shipping address.
    • IP Address Usage Limit: Restricts coupon usage based on IP address.

Use Cases:

  • New Customer Discounts: Offer discounts to new customers to encourage their first purchase.
  • Existing Customer Specials: Provide exclusive discounts to existing customers for new product versions or price changes.
  • User Role Coupons: Tailor coupons for specific user roles, useful for custom membership sites or diverse customer categories.
  • Country-Specific Promotions: Run promotions targeted at specific countries, considering local events or currency fluctuations.
  • Geographical Restriction: Limit coupons based on postal codes, zip codes, states, or provinces for localized promotions.
  • Prevent Coupon Abuse: Implement measures to prevent abuse, including checks for similar emails, shipping addresses, and IP addresses.

Conclusion: The WooCommerce Coupon Restrictions extension is a valuable tool for merchants looking to create targeted and controlled coupon campaigns. With a focus on customer segmentation, geographical targeting, and abuse prevention, this extension empowers businesses to run effective promotions while maintaining control over coupon usage.

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