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WooCommerce Bulk Variation Forms v1.7.2

on November 18, 2023


Optimize Your Shop with WooCommerce Bulk Variation Forms

Effortlessly Enhance the Shopping Experience

WooCommerce Bulk Variation Forms revolutionize your online store by empowering users to add multiple product variations to their cart seamlessly. This feature is a game-changer for wholesale, B2B sites, or any customer seeking to conveniently order diverse variations of a single product at once.

Key Features:

  1. Bulk Variation Addition:
    • Enable customers to effortlessly add numerous product variations to their cart using a single, user-friendly form.
  2. Two Variation Attributes Configuration:
    • Effortlessly configure products with two variation attributes, facilitating bulk input for a streamlined shopping experience.
  3. Simplified Ordering for Wholesales and B2B:
    • Ideal for businesses dealing with wholesale clients or B2B scenarios, where customers often require multiple variations in a single order.
  4. Versatility for Various Business Types:
    • Suited for diverse industries, including:
      • Clothing stores catering to wholesale clients with a need for multiple variations.
      • Online food retailers offering canned goods in different sizes.
      • B2B sites selling electronic cables in various lengths.
      • Any business where customers desire more than one variation of a product in a single order.

Enhance Your Shop’s Efficiency:

WooCommerce Bulk Variation Forms provide a simple and efficient solution for your customers, ensuring a smooth ordering process. Whether you operate in wholesale, food retail, B2B, or any industry with varied product offerings, this extension caters to diverse needs, making it convenient for users to order everything they need swiftly. Elevate your online shopping experience today!

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