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Wicked Block Builder Pro v1.4.4

on May 7, 2024

$49.00 $5.50

Wicked Block Builder

Effortlessly Build Custom Blocks

Wicked Block Builder makes it easy to create your own custom WordPress blocks in as little as a few minutes.

Create a Block in Four Easy Steps

  1. Add your blockGive your block a name and select what options it supports.
  2. Define attributesAdd attributes to manage your block’s data.
  3. Build your blockAdd elements and components to build your block and make it editable.
  4. Style your blockAdd CSS to make your block look the way you want.


Blocks Your Way

No more installing a plugin with 30 blocks just to get that one accordion block you want.  Now you can build the specific blocks you want without the bloat of blocks you don’t need.

Powerful Components

Craft sophisticated blocks in minutes with the help of built-in components like repeaters, rich-text fields, color palettes, and more.


Wicked Block Builder takes away the headaches of building blocks.  There’s no need to configure a complicated build process and block deprecations are handled automatically. Spend more time creating and less time worrying about changes breaking your existing blocks.

Save Time

Build blocks in a fraction of the time that it takes to hand-code a block.  All without sacrificing results or quality.

Explore Features


Build blocks that allow you to add, sort, and delete content within your block.  Nest repeaters for even greater functionality.

Rich Text

Make content such as headlines, paragraph text, lists, links, and more editable with rich-text areas.

Post Select

Add a PostSelect component to your block to let people select one or more posts and sort them.

Term Select

Add a TermSelect component to your block to let people choose one or more terms.  Choose from different display types like checkboxes, radios, or dropdown.

Conditional Logic

Control the output of classes, styles, HTML attributes, and even entire portions of your block with conditions.  The possibilities are endless.

Block Sidebar

Build a sidebar for your block.  Add text fields, check boxes, radio buttons, color palettes-whatever you need to make your block editable.

Dynamic Blocks

Optionally make your blocks dynamic and use PHP to output your block.  Easily access your block’s data via an argument containing your block’s attributes.

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