WHMCS Menu Manager Module: Simplify Menu Management

WHMCS Advanced Menu Manager v1.72.0

on October 21, 2023


WHMCS Menu Manager Module: Simplify Menu Management

Managing the WHMCS menu has never been easier. With the WHMCS Menu Manager Module, you can effortlessly perform various tasks, such as adding new menu items, reordering them, controlling their visibility based on specific conditions, and even translating menu titles without the need for HTML, CSS, or PHP expertise.

Key Features:

1. Add Unlimited Menus and Sub-menu Links

  • Create as many menu items and sub-menu links as needed to organize your WHMCS menu effectively.

2. Compatibility

3. Change Menu Links Order

  • Easily reorder menu links using a simple Drag-and-Drop interface for a customized menu structure.

4. Multilingual Support

  • Add translations for menu items in multiple languages from one central location.

5. Additional Attributes

  • Include extra attributes for each menu link to enhance their functionality and appearance.

6. Core System URLs or External Links

  • Add menu items with links to core system URLs from categorized lists, or use external URLs for customized functionality.

7. Icon Integration

  • Enhance the visual appeal of your menu by adding icons to each menu item for easy recognition.

8. Display Stats

  • Display relevant statistics within menu links to keep users informed (e.g., Total Active Services, Open Tickets, Due Invoices, etc.).

9. Visibility Options

  • Choose when to display specific menu links, allowing for conditional menu item visibility.

10. URL Handling

- Define whether menu links should open in the same window or in a new window for a seamless user experience.

11. Easy Installation

- Install WHMCS default menu links with a single click for a quick setup.

12. Documentation and Tutorials

- Well-documented with video tutorials for easy installation and usage guidance.

With the WHMCS Menu Manager Module, you can effortlessly organize and customize your WHMCS menu, improving navigation and user experience for your clients.

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