universal video player addon for wpbakery page builder

Universal Video Player (v3.8.3) WordPress Plugin

on February 19, 2024


WPBakery Page Builder Addon – Universal Video Player

This WPBakery Page Builder Addon provides seamless integration for YouTube, Vimeo, and Self-Hosted videos. It’s a responsive HTML5 plugin compatible with major browsers and mobile devices. Perfect for enhancing your website with versatile video playback features.

Key Features:

  1. YouTube, Vimeo, and Self-Hosted Support:
    • Play YouTube, Vimeo, and Self-Hosted video files. Supports public YouTube and Vimeo videos with just the video ID.
  2. Responsive Design:
    • Compatible with responsive websites. Optional parameter to disable responsive behavior for non-responsive websites.
  3. Mobile Compatible:
    • Supports IOS and Android operating systems.
  4. Google Analytics:
    • Activate Google Analytics tracking to monitor video play counts.
  5. Customizable Color Scheme:
    • Choose any color scheme from parameters to seamlessly integrate the video player into your design.
  6. Automatic Video Information Retrieval:
    • Option to automatically obtain video thumbnail, title, and description from YouTube servers using the YouTube video ID.
  7. Playlist with 3 Versions:
    • Show playlist thumb, title, and description or hide one of them. Parameters for playlist size and color.
  8. Playlist Search:
    • Enable playlist search with real-time results.
  9. Categories:
    • Structure playlist items in categories. Videos can belong to multiple categories.
  10. Two Skins:
    • Choose from two skins: black & white. Create a custom color scheme from parameters.
  11. Download Option:
    • Button to download the current playing file (for self-hosted videos). Option to hide the download button.
  12. Share:
    • Share video player on Facebook and Twitter. Customize share title and description.
  13. Show/Hide Playlist:
    • Button to show or hide the playlist. Option to load the player with the playlist hidden.
  14. Shuffle:
    • Option to shuffle the playlist.
  15. Logo/Watermark:
    • Define a logo in the top & left corner. Set the link and target_self or _blank.
  16. Multiple Parameters:
    • Autoplay, loop (entire playlist), colors, dimensions, and more. Over 85 customizable parameters.
  17. Lightweight:
    • JS file is around 55KB.
  18. Free Updates:
    • Download free updates from your account after purchase.

Notes for IOS/Android and other browsers:

  • Autoplay on IOS/Android works if the video is muted.
  • Volume controls won’t work on IOS/Android; adjust volume using device buttons.

Notes for Safari, Chrome & Firefox:

  • Autoplay may not work on Safari 11, Firefox 66, and Chrome 66 due to restrictions imposed by Apple & Google. Autoplay only works if the video is muted.
  • Autoplay behavior may vary; check browser settings to revert to the old behavior where autoplay was allowed.

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