Enhance your WordPress Dashboard with the #1 Plugin for customization.

Ultimate Dashboard PRO 3.10

on June 21, 2024

$58.00 $5.60

Customize Your WordPress Dashboard with Ease

Enhance your WordPress Dashboard with the #1 Plugin for customization. Discover a wealth of features to simplify your user experience and create the ideal environment for your customers.


  1. Remove Widgets
    • Streamline your dashboard by eliminating unwanted WordPress widgets, reducing clutter.
  2. Create Widgets
    • Unleash the full potential of your WordPress dashboard by crafting custom widgets tailored to your unique requirements.
  3. Client Dashboard
    • Elevate your client’s experience by constructing the ultimate client dashboard, offering the exceptional user experience they deserve.
  4. Fully Customize Your WordPress Dashboard
    • Enjoy these features in the free version:
  5. Login Customizer
    • Take complete control over the WordPress login screen’s appearance and branding directly within the WordPress customizer.
  6. Clean up WordPress
    • Simplify the WordPress admin area by removing unnecessary elements like the “Help” tab and “Screen Options” tab.
  7. Welcome Panel
    • Personalize your client’s experience by customizing the content of the default WordPress welcome panel.
  8. Custom CSS
    • Infuse your WordPress dashboard, admin area, and login screen with a personalized appearance using custom CSS.
  9. Login Redirects
    • Modify the WordPress login URL, block unauthorized wp-admin access, and configure post-login redirects for all user roles.
  10. Custom Admin Pages
    • Develop custom top-level and sub-menu admin pages using HTML and CSS to further tailor your WordPress environment.

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    $58.00 $5.60

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