virtual events

The Events Calendar Virtual Events (v1.15.8)

on May 6, 2024


Virtual Events: Optimize Your Calendar for Virtual Experiences

Enhance Your Calendar for Online Interactions

Highlight Virtual and Hybrid Events

Highlight virtual and hybrid events seamlessly within your main calendar, optimizing discoverability with built-in schema optimization for Google.

Live Streaming Integrations

Bid farewell to redirecting traffic away from your website. Easily connect Facebook Live and YouTube, allowing you to host live streams directly on your WordPress site.

Virtual Meeting Integrations

Effortlessly connect to popular meeting platforms via your WordPress dashboard. Effectively manage Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams meetings, displaying relevant links on your calendar.

Exclusive Livestream Access

With Event Tickets or Event Tickets Plus alongside Virtual Events, safeguard your livestream links, such as Zoom webinars, ensuring exclusive access for attendees who RSVP or purchase a ticket. You can even automate link distribution via email.

Create Zoom Meetings from WordPress

Streamline your virtual events by connecting your WordPress account to generate Zoom links automatically. Easily display pre-existing meetings and webinars on your event listings.

FAQs: Zoom Integration with Recurring Events

Refer to the FAQ section on this page for detailed information on how Zoom integration operates with recurring events.

Indicate Events as Virtual or Hybrid

Optimize your events by indicating them as virtual or hybrid. Virtual events, especially those without a physical location, are SEO-friendly, enhancing their online visibility.

Require Tickets or RSVP

Leverage the power of Event Tickets (or Plus) to secure your livestream links. Restrict access until attendees submit an RSVP or purchase a ticket, ensuring a controlled and exclusive online experience.

Calendar Highlights for Virtual Events

Implement a virtual event indicator on your calendar. This feature enables visitors to quickly identify and navigate to online events, enhancing user experience.

“Display Link” Button

Facilitate easy navigation by incorporating a linked button. Direct users seamlessly to your virtual event or livestream location, offering a streamlined user journey.

Manage Events Effortlessly

Take command of your virtual events directly from your WordPress admin dashboard. Connect to Zoom, label events as virtual, manage attendees, and control content effortlessly.

Enhanced Google SEO

Optimize your events for search engines. Benefit from structured data and virtual event schema markup support, ensuring that your events display prominently in Google search results.

Schedule Video Links and Livestreams

Control the timing of your content. Conceal video links, livestream embeds, and other embedded content until moments before your event begins, creating anticipation.

Livestream Embed

Retain traffic on your site by embedding your YouTube Live or Facebook Live link. Provide a seamless user experience by keeping visitors within your WordPress environment.

Elevate Virtual Learning with Classes

Virtual Events extends its capabilities to create a remote learning hub on your WordPress site. Establish an online classroom, offering a centralized space for virtual classes and fostering connections with your students.

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