suremembers sell and grow your membership site with ease

SureMembers v1.9.3 Sell and Grow your Membership Site with Ease

on December 18, 2023


Unlock the Power of Membership Sites with SureMembers: Your Ultimate WordPress Membership Plugin

Are you ready to effortlessly protect and sell access to your premium content, grow your membership site, and offer online courses seamlessly? Look no further than SureMembers – the fastest and easiest solution for WordPress membership websites.

Features that Set SureMembers Apart:

1. Easy Content Paywalls:

  • Implement custom paywalls effortlessly, ensuring that your premium content is accessible only to subscribed members.

2. Drip Feed Delight:

  • Drip-feed content on your terms. Give members access to specific content now and schedule releases for future content, providing a continuous and engaging experience.

3. Custom Access Rules:

  • Craft custom access rules with simplicity. SureMembers allows you to easily add, change, and view what content is protected within an access group, giving you full control.

4. Secure Digital Downloads:

  • Safeguard your digital downloads by ensuring that only authorized members have access. Protect your valuable content effortlessly.

5. Menu Item Visibility:

  • Smartly control your website’s navigation by showing or hiding menu items based on access groups. Enhance the user experience by displaying relevant options based on membership levels.

6. Sell Online Courses with Ease:

  • Seamlessly sell online courses on your WordPress site. SureMembers provides the tools you need to monetize your expertise and grow your e-learning platform effortlessly.

How SureMembers Works:

Step 01: Create an Access Group

  • Start by creating an access group for your members. SureMembers simplifies the process with all settings and options conveniently located in one place. Manage unlimited access groups with ease.
SureMembers - Create an access group

Step 02: Choose Content to Sell Access To

  • SureMembers offers the easiest access system – a point-and-click solution to protect any part of your website. Drip-feed content on your site and manage all access rules in one central location.

Step 03: Choose What to Do if Someone Doesn’t Have Access

  • Guide visitors seamlessly on how to gain access to your protected content. Whether it’s redirecting to a sales page, showing a custom message, or presenting a login popup for existing members, SureMembers makes the process intuitive.

Features Crafted to Perfection:

1. Drip Content:

  • Schedule content releases to keep your members engaged over time.

2. Access Rules:

  • Flexibly add, change, or view protected content within an access group.

3. Paywall:

  • Protect premium content with compelling custom calls to action.

4. User Role Sync:

  • Integrate seamlessly with page builders using user roles for a cohesive user experience.

5. Menu Item Visibility:

  • Show or hide menu items based on access groups, ensuring a personalized navigation experience.

6. Bulk Edit Users:

  • Quickly manage user groups with bulk editing, making user administration a breeze.

Ready to revolutionize your WordPress membership site? Experience the simplicity and power of SureMembers – the all-in-one WordPress membership plugin that transforms the way you protect, sell, and grow your premium content. Get SureMembers today!

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