sticky html5 music player wordpress plugin

Sticky HTML5 Music Player WordPress Plugin v3.1.6

on February 18, 2024


Sticky HTML5 Music Player WordPress Plugin

The Sticky HTML5 Music Player WordPress Plugin offers an ideal solution for adding background music to your website, ensuring continuous and smooth playback across your entire site. Noteworthy features include:

Continuous Playback:

  • The player seamlessly continues from the previous minute even when changing pages, providing a smooth playback experience.
  • Due to autoplay restrictions imposed by browsers, this feature is optimized for Chrome and IE.

Customizable Color Scheme:

  • Users can customize the color scheme, allowing changes to player background, volume slider, timer, buffer, seekbar, song title, playlist background, playlist font, and playlist item line separator.
  • Prebuilt controllers come in black or white versions, with the option to modify them using included PSD files.

Mobile Compatible:

  • The plugin is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.

Set Position:

  • Position the player left, center, or right on the page, with available parameters for fine-tuning the position using bottom and left/right margins.

Small or Big on Initialization:

  • Choose to load the player minimized or maximized when the page is opened.

Show/Hide Buttons:

  • Set the visibility of buttons, including previous, next, and shuffle buttons.

Read Folder:

  • Automatically generate the player playlist from a folder containing MP3 files.

Multiple Parameters:

  • Over 30 customizable options, including autoplay, loop, initial volume, shuffle, and color parameters.

Free Updates:

  • Access all updated versions for free from your account after purchasing the product.

Notes for IOS & Android:

  1. Autoplay is not supported on mobile devices due to restrictions imposed by IOS & Android.
  2. Volume controllers will not work on IOS & Android; users must adjust volume using physical buttons on their mobile devices.

Note for Safari, Chrome & Firefox:

  • Autoplay is not supported starting with Safari 11, Chrome 66, and Firefox 66 due to restrictions imposed by Apple & Google.

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