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Simple Invoice Manager v3.7.2 + 4.0.0 beta 11 Invoicing Made Easy [Activated]

on January 1, 2024


Introducing Simple Invoice Manager: Your Hassle-Free Invoicing Solution

Simple Invoice Manager is a powerful and user-friendly invoicing system designed to make the invoicing process a breeze. With features like multiple billing companies, taxes and custom fields, user roles and permissions, recurring invoices, online payment options (PayPal and Stripe), products modules, advance reports, and a sleek design with dark and light themes, it’s the ultimate solution for managing your invoices and payments.

Key Features (V4.0.0-beta.0):

  1. Multiple Billing Companies: Manage invoices for multiple businesses seamlessly within one system.
  2. Taxes and Custom Fields: Customize invoices with multiple taxes and add custom fields for specific needs.
  3. User Roles and Permissions: Assign user roles and control permissions to ensure secure access.
  4. Recurring Invoices: Set up recurring invoices for hassle-free billing automation.
  5. Online Payment: Accept online payments through PayPal and Stripe for convenience.
  6. Products Modules: Easily manage your products and services for quick invoicing.
  7. Advance Reports: Access comprehensive reports, including Daily Sales, Monthly Sales, and custom search invoice/payment reports.
  8. Customer Fields: Add new inputs to customers, products, invoices, and more for enhanced customization.
  9. Multiple Taxes: Manage taxes as needed, ideal for regions with multiple tax requirements, such as Indian GST.

Key Features (V3.0):

  • Customer Ledger: Keep track of customer accounts with multiple user accounts.
  • Payment Options: Accept payments through PayPal and Skrill.
  • Themes: Choose from different themes to customize the appearance.

Simple Invoice Manager simplifies your invoicing process, making it open, responsive, and easy to use. Whether you’re managing invoices, payments, quotations, or customers, it’s the ideal solution for businesses of all sizes.”

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