Welcome to the world of Selection Elementor Widgets Pack, a dynamic collection of Elementor widgets designed to supercharge your web development projects.

Selection v1.12.2 – Elementor Addons Pack for WordPress

on February 16, 2024


Introducing the Selection Elementor Widgets Pack

Welcome to the world of Selection Elementor Widgets Pack, a dynamic collection of Elementor widgets designed to supercharge your web development projects. This release marks just the beginning of what promises to be an expansive product, poised to revolutionize your website-building experience. The Selection Elementor Widgets Pack is packed with a wide array of widgets, each thoughtfully crafted and embraced by our users.

Why Choose Selection Elementor Widgets Pack?

Embrace the numerous benefits of this widget set, offering a treasure trove of useful, frequently used elements, and relieving you of the daunting task of choosing between various options. Regardless of your skill level, this widget pack empowers you to achieve your desired effects swiftly, saving both time and costs.

Key Features:

  • Responsive Design: Every widget within the Selection Elementor Widgets Pack is meticulously crafted to ensure a seamless, responsive experience on a multitude of devices. These widgets have been rigorously tested and are fully compatible with all modern web browsers.
  • Flexible Customization: Each widget is a canvas of limitless possibilities, offering you the freedom to craft unique elements. Tailor fonts, colors, borders, backgrounds, and more to match your vision with ease.
  • Selective Activation: Don’t need all the widgets? No problem! The Selection plugin settings empower you to enable or disable specific widgets, streamlining your Elementor editor and website loading experience.

Predefined Templates:

The Selection Elementor Widgets Pack provides access to a vast collection of 260+ predefined templates with distinctive designs. You’ll never have to search for inspiration again; simply import the required template, make your customizations, and witness your vision come to life in mere moments. No coding knowledge is required, and for added convenience, the plugin generates shortcodes for templates, enabling easy integration into your pages.

Automated Template Import:

The Selection plugin, version 1.7.0, introduces a revolutionary feature: automatic template imports designed exclusively for the included widgets. This feature drastically accelerates the process of adding templates to your site pages, making the entire experience more convenient.

Sticky Effect:

The Selection plugin presents a “Sticky Effect” option for sections or columns, allowing any element – be it a menu, link, image, video, or anything else – to become sticky. With advanced customization options, you have full control over the details of your sticky element.

Elementor Widgets Overview:

Basic Widgets:

  • Button: Create eye-catching buttons with a range of customization options.
  • Heading: Craft attention-grabbing headers and subheaders.
  • Animated Icon: Design animated SVG images.
  • Timeline: Add horizontal or vertical timelines for events and information.
  • Countdown: Showcase countdown timers for upcoming events.
  • Text Highlight: Create highlighted post/page titles with unique animations.
  • Animated Heading: Generate animated titles for posts/pages.
  • Carousel: Craft responsive carousels with customizable content.
  • Image Box: Design responsive infoboxes and image boxes.
  • Slider: Create powerful responsive sliders.
  • Circle Progress Bar: Display numeric values using circular progress bars.
  • Line Progress Bar: Showcase numeric values using linear progress bars.
  • Semicircle Progress Bar: Present numeric values with semicircular progress bars.

Content Widgets:

  • Modal Popup: Create informative popups for promotions, announcements, or information.
  • Code: Implement code syntax highlighting.
  • Masked Image: Apply custom clipping masks to images.
  • Reviews: Build a slider/carousel for customer reviews.
  • Masked Video: Use clipping masks to customize videos.
  • Changelog: Create custom changelog lists for products.
  • Price Table: Generate attractive price lists.
  • Tabs: Craft responsive tabs with various content types.
  • Animated Images: Add and manage animated pictures.
  • FAQs: Create a frequently asked questions accordion.
  • Testimonials: Add beautiful testimonial blocks with ratings.
  • Business Hours: Display your company’s schedule and status.
  • Contact Form 7: Style Contact Form 7 forms within Elementor.
  • Tabbed Gallery: Create responsive image galleries with filter tabs.
  • Hotspot: Add interactive hotspots with tooltips to images.
  • Custom Fields: Display custom post metadata anywhere on your page.
  • Image Compare: Compare images with a before-and-after slider.
  • Audio Player: Add customizable audio players.
  • Video Player: Integrate video players with ease.
  • Social Share Links: Include share buttons for various social networks.

Blog Widgets:

  • Author Box: Create author info boxes for posts.
  • Ticker: Display news tickers with various content sources.
  • Grid: Generate grids of content with animations.
  • Charts Widgets: Create various types of graphs and charts for reports and statistics.

Navigation Widgets:

  • Float Navigation: Add sticky menus to enhance user experience.
  • Menu: Create responsive horizontal or vertical navigation menus.
  • Mega Menu: Design highly customizable mega menus.
  • Scroll to Top: Include a scroll-to-top button for convenient navigation.
  • Site Logo: Add site logos quickly and easily.
  • Breadcrumbs: Set up breadcrumbs for improved site navigation.
  • Search Bar: Implement an advanced WordPress search bar.
  • Tag Cloud: Display a list of popular tags.

Integrations Widgets:

  • Google Maps: Create extended Google maps without iframes.
  • Open Weather: Add weather forecasts based on OpenWeatherMap API.
  • Google Street View: Display panoramic 360-degree views.
  • Hourly Forecast: Showcase hourly weather forecasts.
  • Daily Forecast: Present weather forecasts for the next 5 days.
  • Crypto Payment Button: Accept cryptocurrency payments with ease.
  • Interactive World Map: Add informative and interactive maps.

WooCommerce Widgets:

  • Discount Coupons: Create coupons directly within Elementor.
  • Add to Cart: Add “Add to Cart” buttons on product pages.
  • Custom Add to Cart: Place “Add to Cart” buttons anywhere.
  • Product Images: Display product images and galleries.
  • Product Stock: Show available units for products.
  • Product Rating: Display product ratings.
  • Product Data Tabs: Showcase product data with detailed styling.
  • Product Meta: Present category information, tags, and SKUs.
  • Product Short Description: Display short descriptions.
  • Product Additional Information: Share information from custom fields.
  • Product Price: Display product prices.
  • Product Title: Present product titles.
  • Upsells: Display upsell products.
  • Related Products: Showcase related products.
  • Cart: Add a customized shopping cart.

WordPress Widgets:

  • Archives: Display date archives of posts.
  • Calendar: Link to posts by date.
  • Categories: List categories from previously published posts.
  • Comments: Display the most recent comments.
  • Navigation Menu: Create responsive navigation menus.
  • Meta: Insert default links.
  • Pages: Display a list of existing pages.
  • Recent Posts: List the most recent posts.
  • RSS: Display posts from any RSS feed.
  • Search: Add an advanced search bar.
  • Tag Cloud: List up to 100 popular tags.

Widget Pack Features:

  • 85+ Elementor Widgets: Access a versatile selection of widgets for diverse needs.
  • 260+ Templates for Elementor: Choose from a wide range of predefined templates for Elementor.

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