real voice ai text to speech plugin for wordpress

Real Voice v1.20 AI Text-to-Speech Plugin for WordPress

on December 21, 2023


Unleashing the Power of Real Voice: Your Ultimate Text-to-Speech Solution for WordPress

In the dynamic world of WordPress plugins, Real Voice stands out as a versatile text-to-speech powerhouse, offering support for all major text-to-speech services in a single, convenient $29 package. Let’s dive into the features that make Real Voice a game-changer for WordPress users looking to enhance their content with spoken words.

A Unified Solution

Real Voice streamlines the text-to-speech process by incorporating all major services into one comprehensive package. For just $29, users gain access to a wealth of features designed to elevate the auditory experience of their content.

Feature Highlights

1. Customizable Audio Player

Real Voice comes equipped with a tailor-made audio player, allowing users to personalize their auditory content consumption. From configuring colors to tweaking typography, including custom font options from Google Fonts, and even adding drop shadows – the possibilities for customization are vast.

2. Supported Text-to-Speech Services

Real Voice supports a range of text-to-speech services, each with its unique set of features:

SpeechSynthesis (Web Speech API):

  • Language selection
  • Voice customization
  • Pitch adjustment
  • Rate control
  • Volume settings

Amazon Polly:

  • AWS region selection
  • Voice ID options
  • Engine selection (Standard or Neural)
  • Language code preferences
  • Lexicon name configuration
  • Output format choices (mp3 or ogg_vorbis)
  • Sample rate adjustments
  • Text type support (Plain text or SSML)

Google Text-to-Speech AI:

  • Audio encoding options
  • Speaking rate adjustments
  • Pitch control
  • Volume gain settings
  • Effects profile ID application
  • Language code selection
  • Voice name choices

Azure Text to Speech:

  • Azure region preferences
  • User agent customization
  • Output format selection
  • Voice gallery exploration


  • Voice ID choices
  • Streaming latency optimization
  • Stability and randomness adjustments
  • Similarity boost options
  • Style selection

3. Customizable Audio Player

Real Voice doesn’t just stop at providing robust text-to-speech capabilities – it goes a step further with a customizable HTML audio player. Users can fine-tune the player’s appearance, making it not just a functional addition but a seamlessly integrated part of their website.

4. API Monitoring Dashboard

Stay in control with Real Voice’s dedicated dashboard. Monitor API calls, review summary statistics, visualize requests in charts, and browse through individual API requests. This dashboard empowers users with insights into the plugin’s performance and interactions with cloud services.

5. Extensive Configuration Options

With a settings menu featuring a whopping 65 customization options, Real Voice gives users the power to tailor the plugin to their specific needs. From configuring post types where the audio player should appear to adding custom text before or after the player, displaying spoken words, generating audio files automatically, and customizing capabilities – the possibilities are vast.

In a world where user experience is paramount, Real Voice emerges as a robust solution for WordPress users seeking to enhance their content accessibility and engagement. Elevate your website’s auditory experience and unlock the potential of spoken words with Real Voice today!

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