Profile Builder Pro

Profile Builder Pro 3.10.9 + Addons

on May 15, 2024

$108.00 $6.90

Discover why Profile Builder is the ultimate User Registration Plugin for WordPress. It offers an array of features to enhance your website’s user experience:

  1. Shortcodes for Seamless Access: Easily implement front-end login, registration, edit-profile, and password reset forms using shortcodes like [wppb-login], [wppb-register], [wppb-edit-profile], [wppb-recover-password], and [wppb-logout].
  2. Form Styling Choices: Select from three stylish form templates to give your registration forms a modern look.
  3. Email Confirmation: Fight spam effectively with automatic email confirmation for user registrations.
  4. Admin Approval: Take control by approving new users individually or in batches from your WordPress dashboard.
  5. Flexible Login Options: Allow users to log in using either their email or username.
  6. Password Security: Enhance security by setting minimum password length and strength requirements.
  7. Admin Bar Control: Improve user interface clarity by hiding the Admin Bar on the front end of your WordPress site.
  8. Additional Profile Fields: Customize user profiles with various extra fields like headings, checkboxes, select options, date pickers, and more.
  9. Conditional Logic: Create dynamic registration forms with conditional fields that appear or hide based on user selections.
  10. Avatar Upload: Enable users to upload avatars for their profiles, enhancing their engagement across your site.
  11. Field Reordering: Easily rearrange default and extra user fields via drag-and-drop.
  12. Content Restriction: Restrict access to specific posts, pages, WooCommerce products, and bbPress forums based on user roles.
  13. Roles Editor: Simplify role management with an intuitive editor to create, edit, delete, and duplicate user roles.
  14. Email Customization: Personalize registration emails for users and admins, with options to customize templates and sender information.
  15. User Import/Export: Streamline user management with CSV import/export features, including custom fields and role assignments.
  16. Repeater Fields: Add repeating sets of front-end fields to user profiles, allowing for advanced customization.
  17. Multiple Registration Forms: Create multiple registration forms tailored to different user roles, with the option for automatic login after registration.
  18. Multiple Edit Profile Forms: Offer different user roles customized edit-profile forms and control the fields displayed.
  19. Custom Redirects: Easily redirect users after login, registration, or accessing default WordPress forms.
  20. Advanced User Listing: Effortlessly list users with customizable templates, search functionality, sorting, and more.
  21. Users on Map: Allow users to add their location to their profiles and enhance user map functionality.
  22. Multilingual Support: Profile Builder is available in over 25 languages and supports community translations.
  23. Exceptional Support: Count on reliable and responsive support to assist with any project-related issues.
  24. Free Add-ons: Enjoy additional features like passwordless login, import/export, custom CSS classes, character limits, label editing, placeholders, client portals, and GDPR communication preferences.
  25. Advanced Add-ons (PRO and Basic versions): Explore social login, WooCommerce integration, multi-step forms, MailChimp, bbPress integration, BuddyPress integration, Campaign Monitor, field visibility adjustments, and admin-approved profile changes.

Experience the power and versatility of Profile Builder for WordPress user registration.

Files in This Download

  • Profile Builder Pro 3.10.9
  • Profile Builder Pro 3.9.3
  • pb-add-on-bbpress-1.0.5
  • pb-add-on-woocommerce-1.6.1
  • pb-add-on-social-connect-1.2.2
  • pb-add-on-multi-step-forms-1.1.3
  • pb-add-on-mailpoet-integration-1.0.7
  • pb-add-on-mailchimp-integration-1.2.6
  • pb-add-on-field-visibility-1.2.4
  • pb-add-on-edit-profile-approved-by-admin-1.0.8
  • pb-add-on-custom-profile-menus-1.1.1
  • pb-add-on-campaign-monitor-1.1.0
  • pb-add-on-buddypress-1.0.6
  • paid-member-subscriptions-2.3.5
  • pb-add-on-mailchimp-integration-1.2.6

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