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Product Video for WooCommerce 1.6.0

on June 6, 2024

$59.00 $5.50

Elevate Your Product Pages with WooCommerce Product Video Integration

Enhance your product pages and boost sales by seamlessly integrating videos into your WooCommerce product listings. The WooCommerce Product Video extension empowers you to enrich your customers’ shopping experience with engaging video content. Whether it’s YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, or Facebook, this extension supports various platforms for video embedding.

Key Features of WooCommerce Product Video

1. Attach Videos to Any Product Page

  • Effortlessly attach videos to any product page, providing a dynamic and interactive element for your customers.

2. Featured Product Video

  • Replace traditional featured product images with captivating videos. Choose to play the featured video in a popup or directly on the same page.

3. Multiple Videos in the Product Gallery

  • Showcase your products from different angles by adding multiple videos to the WooCommerce product gallery alongside images.

4. Flexible Video Playback Options

  • Allow customers to play videos in a popup, directly on the page, or in full screen mode, providing them with a personalized viewing experience.

5. Upload or Embed Videos

  • Choose between uploading your videos or seamlessly embedding them from popular platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, or Metacafe.

6. Customize Video Dimensions

  • Tailor the width and height of videos to fit seamlessly on both shop and product pages, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing layout.

7. Extensive Configurations

  • Enjoy comprehensive configuration options for both self-hosted and third-party videos, allowing you to fine-tune your video integration according to your preferences.

8. Customizable Thumbnails

  • Create an attractive visual experience by customizing thumbnails for each video, offering a preview that entices users to click and play.

9. Display Options on Listing Pages

  • Choose whether to display featured videos on listing pages or reserve them exclusively for individual product pages.

10. Play Videos in Popup or From Page

  • Opt for an elegant popup display for gallery videos or choose to play featured videos directly from the page, providing flexibility in your presentation.

11. Attach Gallery Videos to Multiple Products

  • Streamline your workflow by attaching a gallery video to multiple products simultaneously, enhancing efficiency in managing your video content.

Configuration Options for Product Videos

General Settings:

  • Choose from two different gallery styles: HTML5 Lightbox Gallery or Woo Custom Gallery.
    • HTML5 Lightbox Gallery: Play featured videos on product and shop pages, with gallery videos and images appearing in a popup.
    • Woo Custom Gallery: Display gallery images and videos in the featured box without a lightbox popup. Customize the placement of gallery items and their quantity.

Revolutionize your online store by integrating captivating videos with WooCommerce Product Video. Elevate your customers’ shopping experience and drive sales with dynamic and interactive content. Install today to unlock the power of product videos!

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