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PixelYourSite PRO + Super Pack 5.1.0 + Addons

on May 18, 2024

$160.00 $6.90

PixelYourSite Professional: All-in-One WordPress Plugin for Enhanced Tracking and Analytics

PixelYourSite Professional is a versatile WordPress plugin designed to empower you with robust tracking and analytics capabilities, including tracking for Meta Pixel (formerly Facebook Pixel) with Conversion API support, Google Analytics, Google Ads Remarketing, Pinterest, Bing, TikTok Tag, and more. It offers a comprehensive suite of features to enhance your website’s tracking and marketing capabilities.

  • PixelYourSite Pro
  • PixelYourSite Super Pack 5.1.0
  • PixelYourSite Pinterest 5.3.4
  • PixelYourSite Microsoft UET (Bing)

Key Features:

  1. Meta Pixel (Facebook Pixel): PixelYourSite Professional supports Meta Pixel (formerly known as Facebook Pixel), enabling you to track user interactions, conversions, and other key events on your website. This includes support for the Facebook Conversion API.
  2. GA4 (Google Analytics 4): Integrate and track your website using Google Analytics 4, allowing you to gain valuable insights into user behavior and engagement.
  3. WooCommerce and EDD Integration: Seamlessly integrate your WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) stores with the plugin to track e-commerce events and improve your marketing strategies.
  4. Automatic Event Tracking: PixelYourSite can automatically track key actions on your website, such as clicks, form submissions, video views, AdSense interactions, and more. This feature ensures you capture important data for analysis and optimization.
  5. Custom Event Tracking: With flexible triggers, you can define your own custom events based on user interactions, including page visits, clicks, scrolling, delays, and mouseovers.
  6. GDPR and Cookie Consent: Stay compliant with GDPR regulations and manage cookie consent for your website visitors.
  7. WPML Support: For multilingual websites, the plugin allows you to fire pixels specific to a particular language, ensuring accurate tracking for diverse audiences.
  8. CartFlows Integration: Seamlessly integrate PixelYourSite with CartFlows to enhance the tracking and optimization of your sales funnels.
  9. TikTok Tag and API: Keep up with the latest marketing trends by integrating TikTok Tag and API for tracking and analytics.
  10. Product Catalog Feed for WooCommerce: Create auto-updating product feeds for WooCommerce, facilitating integration with Facebook Product Catalogs, Google Merchant, Google Custom Remarketing, and Pinterest Catalogs.
  11. WooCommerce Smart Prices: Implement dynamic pricing strategies for WooCommerce products, enabling you to add or modify product prices and sale prices based on smart conditions. Works in conjunction with the Product Catalog Feed for WooCommerce.
  12. WooCommerce Cost of Goods: Add cost information for your products, calculate profits for each order, and use the profit value for Facebook conversion tracking. This feature allows you to track both the total revenue and the profit generated by your ads.

PixelYourSite Professional simplifies the tracking and analytics aspects of your WordPress website, helping you gather valuable data, optimize your marketing efforts, and achieve better results. Whether you’re running e-commerce or content-focused websites, this plugin offers a powerful solution to track, analyze, and improve your online presence.

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