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Passster Premium

on May 13, 2024

$49.00 $5.50


Give your website the protection it needs with the most secure password protect WordPress plugin, Passster.

Protect your entire WordPress websitespecific pages, or just parts of your content with one or more passwords.

Password Protect Your WordPress Site

Protect your entire WordPress site, specific WordPress pages, WordPress posts, and even WooCommerce products in a few clicks.

With Passster, you can even protect parts of your WordPress pages/posts to secure things like forms, downloads, content, and more.

Passster works with various custom post types, including ACF, Widgets, and the Block Editor.

Sell passwords with WooCommerce

Sell access to restricted pages and areas with WooCommerce and Passster.

Automatically generate passwords after purchase and send the password via a customizable e-mail to the customer.

Build a fully automated membership site without the hassle of a user account system.

Customize the password protection form

Customizing Passster’s password protection form is straightforward.

Use the design settings to change the form’s colors, text, hover style, and all relevant messages in just a few clicks.

Passster’s password protection form will merge seamlessly with your WordPress theme or pagebuilder, and you’ll be able to customize it to suit you.

Choose Your Password Protection Type

Protect your WordPress website with a passwordmultiple passwordspassword lists, or Google reCAPTCHA and hCAPTCHA.

Enable cookies to unlock protected content with the same password automatically, redirect visitors after verification, and track concurrent logins within Passster.

Use Bitly to create encrypted links for immediate access without visitors having to enter a password.

Easily track password usage and expiration

With the included statistics solution, you always get a detailed view of the password usage of your website.

Check the number of usages, the used IP (optional), and the browser used.

Passster also includes detailed statistics for password lists to know exactly when a password will expire.

The best features for password protection 

Passster is constantly updated with new features. Here are just some of them.

Password Protection

Protect your entire website, pages, posts, or just part of your content with a password.

Multiple passwords

Use multiple or large sets of passwords with password lists to protect your content.

Concurrent Usage

Keep track of how often a password is used at the same time to prevent abuse and unallowed sharing.

Encrypted Links

Share encrypted links with your users to automatically unlock content with an encrypted URL.


Control everything for your password form – colors, texts, labels, spacing, and more.


Use Google reCAPTCHA or hCAPTCHA to protect your content instead of a traditional password.

Sell Passwords

Easily sell access to protected pages and areas with Passster and WooCommerce.


Track the usage of your passwords and get information about the IP, the password, and the browser used.

Shared Access

Use the implemented cookie solution to unlock content with the same password automatically.

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