Palleon - WordPress Image Editor

Palleon 3.8.1 – WordPress Image Editor

on May 13, 2024

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Palleon: The Ultimate WordPress Image Editor

Unleash the Power of Palleon, your all-in-one WordPress image editor, and transform your website’s visuals with ease and precision. Palleon provides you with the tools you need to create stunning images for your WordPress site, ensuring your content stands out.

Pixel-Perfect Control

With Palleon, you’re in command down to the pixel. Crop, resize, apply filters, add text, images, frames, shapes, icons, and more to your images effortlessly. Each element can be customized through an intuitive settings panel, and your images will be site-ready in no time at all.

Backend & Frontend Versions

Palleon offers both back-end and front-end versions (introduced with version 2.0). The front-end version is optional and can be enabled or disabled in the settings. No login is required for the front-end version, but some features, such as saving images and adding to favorites, necessitate user sign-in.

Image Adjustments

Effortlessly crop, rotate, or resize images with just a few clicks. Use user-friendly image filters to create stunning effects for your photos.

Photo Frames

Palleon includes ready-to-use photo frames, with more on the way. You can even create your own frame sets from your WordPress dashboard.

Add Text

Enhance your visuals by adding text to the canvas and customizing it using a rich set of text settings, including support for Google fonts.

Add Image

Integrate as many images as you need, fully leveraging the WordPress media library’s capabilities.

Add Shape

Shapes are at your disposal for enhancing your designs, and they’re fully customizable to accommodate your creative ideas.

Element Library

Discover a fast-growing element library, offering carefully selected SVG files for use in your designs. You can also create your own element sets from your WordPress dashboard.

Add Icon

Access hundreds of modern, ready-to-use icons, suitable for a wide range of purposes.

QR Code Generator

Generate SVG QR codes in just a few clicks for sharing your website, email address, photos, products, locations, and more.

Canvas Rulers

Maintain precise alignment and address spacing issues with drag-and-drop guides.

Free Drawing

Let your creativity run wild with free drawing brushes. The only limit is your imagination.


Take control of your design with the ability to lock/unlock, show/hide, clone, or delete any layer with ease from the panel. Reorder layers by simply dragging and dropping.

Template Library

Select from a rapidly expanding template library or save and download your own creations to use at your convenience. You can even add custom templates to the library from your WordPress dashboard.

Media Library Integration

Palleon seamlessly integrates with the WordPress media library, allowing users to select new images or upload images without leaving the photo editor.

Pexels and Pixabay Integrations

Explore millions of high-quality, royalty-free stock images directly from the image editor through Pexels and Pixabay integrations.

Iconfinder Integration

Access over 200,000 high-quality, royalty-free SVG icons without leaving Palleon via the Iconfinder integration.

Compatible with Popular Membership Plugins

Elevate your membership site’s value and monetize the plugin by seamlessly integrating it with popular membership plugins like Paid Memberships Pro, Restrict Content Pro, and Simple Membership. Control image editor access for specific membership levels.

Light & Dark Themes

Choose between two themes, light and dark, and customize the primary color to your preference. If you’re familiar with CSS, you can further tailor your styles from the settings.


Enjoy the ability to undo or redo actions and browse all stored actions through the history feature. Restore any action at your convenience.

Image Compress

Shrink JPEG images to their smallest possible size while maintaining the required level of quality.


Easily identify and access your favorite templates, frames, and elements for future use.

Effortless Sharing

Users can share saved images and templates with ease by copying URLs or using social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp).

Image Banner Ads

Incorporate image banners into available fields and designate which membership levels can use Palleon without ads.

Highly Compatible

Palleon operates within a dedicated area on the WordPress dashboard, ensuring high compatibility with all other plugins and themes.

Lightweight & Fast

Palleon is built on a modern structure that leverages technologies like AJAX and lazy loading. Only required files are loaded when needed, ensuring a fast and efficient user experience.

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