OxyProps The Ultimate Page Builder Companion

OxyProps v1.13.1 The Ultimate Page Builder Companion [Activated]

on May 7, 2024


OxyProps – The Ultimate Page Builder Companion

Elevate Your Page Building Experience

OxyProps is the ultimate WordPress plugin designed for professional builders, seamlessly integrating a sleek CSS framework, advanced custom elements, and intelligent context menus. Join a thriving community of developers and teams worldwide who trust and utilize OxyProps with leading builders such as Oxygen Builder and Bricks Builder. Experience website creation like never before.

Calculate Your ROI with OxyProps

Discover how OxyProps can revolutionize your workflow, saving time and increasing billable hours. Use our ROI calculator by entering your hourly rate and daily website building hours. Benefit from advanced features and smart context menus to see the annual savings and efficiency gains with OxyProps.

Why OxyProps is Perfect for You

Whether you’re a business owner crafting your first website or an experienced developer seeking efficiency, OxyProps caters to your needs.

1. Powerful Color System

  • Easily manage website colors and color schemes.
  • Choose from pre-built color swatches or define custom ones.
  • Design with logical colors that respond to light, dark, or any chosen color scheme.

2. No More Typing

  • Effortlessly use custom properties without worrying about syntax.
  • Smart context menus offer relevant props with a simple click.

3. Light & Dark Versions Simultaneously

  • Design light and dark versions simultaneously with logical colors.
  • Ensure light/dark responsiveness “out of the box” with an added toggle in the builder UI.

4. Classes Navigation and Live Preview

  • Improve classes list navigation with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Benefit from live previews of class effects for better decision-making.

5. Rely on OxyProps Default Settings

  • Quickly set up your new website project with default global settings.
  • OxyProps redefines builder global settings using Custom Properties for various design elements.

6. No More Fighting the Framework

  • Bid farewell to styling struggles against framework defaults.
  • OxyProps has zero specificity rules, allowing easy application of custom styles at a local level.

7. Comprehensive Design Options

  • Colors, Color Schemes, Layouts, Gradients, Shadows, Aspect Ratios, Typography, Easing, Animations, Sizes, Borders, Z-index, Media Queries, Buttons, Cards, and more.

OxyProps Design Properties Overview


  • Utilizes Open Color, an optimized UI development color scheme.
  • Automatic adaptation to visitor light or dark preferences.


  • Props and classes for quick and responsive layout design.



  • Inner and outer box shadows of varying strengths adapting to light and dark modes.

Aspect Ratios

  • Easily set desired element aspects without adjusting heights.


  • Fluid and static font sizes, leading, tracking, and text orientation options.


  • Extra easing options mimicking physics for dynamic animations.


  • Premade keyframe effects for standalone or combined use in custom animations.


  • Relative units, fixed or fluid sizes without the need for px.


  • Styling options including width, corner radius, round radius, conditional radius, and blob selection.


  • Layer props and classes for precise control over the third dimension.

Media Queries

  • Named media queries with the @custom-media syntax, prepared for the future of CSS.


  • Utility classes for converting text links to visually appealing buttons.


  • Two sets of utility classes for cards, adding depth or creating a glassmorphism effect.

Experience the power of OxyProps as you revolutionize your page building journey with efficiency, creativity, and unmatched design flexibility.

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