mycred – loyalty points and rewards plugin for wordpress and woocommerce

myCred 2.6.5 Loyalty Points and Rewards plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce

on June 15, 2024

$99.00 $6.90

Top Rated WordPress Points Management System

myCred is an easy-to-use WordPress gamification plugin. Seamlessly create a daily login rewards program or gamify your website and increase the average customer value with less marketing effort.  

Grab the attention of your visitors

Turn Them into Customers


Use myCred to award ranks to your customers or employees based on their achievements. Ranks are the most relevant utilization for WooCommerce rewards


The badges are offered to make a borderline among the different level users. Award badges to the users and reap the maximum benefits of WordPress gamification.  


Users are rewarded with points for building engagements on your website and performing different activities. You can award points as daily login rewards to your trusted users. 

  • mycred.2.6.5
  • mycred-anniversary-pro-1.0.2
  • mycred-beaver-builder 1.0.3
  • mycred-birthday-plus-1.0.2
  • mycred-bp-charges-1.4.7
  • mycred-cashcred-paypal-1.0.2
  • mycred-cashcred-paystack-1.0.1
  • mycred-cashcred-stripe 2.2.8
  • mycred-coupons-plus-1.0.2
  • mycred-daily-login-rewards 1.0.2
  • mycred-dokan 1.1.2
  • mycred-email-digest-1.1.2
  • mycred-email-plus-1.0
  • mycred-expiration-addon-1.3.1
  • mycred-gateway-edd 1.2.2
  • mycred-jwplayer 1.1.2
  • mycred-level-cred-1.2.2
  • mycred-nominations-1.0.1
  • mycred-notice-plus-2.0.1
  • mycred-pacman-2.2
  • mycred-pending-points 1.0.1
  • mycred-points-cap 1.1.1
  • mycred-progress-bar 1.3.3
  • mycred-progress-map 1.0.3
  • mycred-reset-points 1.0.1
  • mycred-rest-api 1.2.3
  • mycred-sms-payments 1.0.4
  • mycred-social-proof-1.2.7
  • mycred-social-shares-1.4.9
  • mycred-submission 1.0.1
  • mycred-time-based-reward 1.0.1
  • mycred-todo-list 1.0.1
  • mycred-transfer-plus 1.4
  • mycred-userpro-1.1.8
  • mycred-usersultra 1.0.2
  • mycred-vc 1.2.2
  • mycred-videos-1.3.2
  • mycred-wc-vendor 1.1.2
  • mycred-wheel-of-fortune-1.5.6
  • mycred-woocommerce-plus-1.7.5
  • mycred-zapier 2.0.1


Why Choose myCred as Your Points Management System 

Award Digital Badges

Award users with digital badges based on their points history.

Purchase myCred Points

Allow users to purchase myCred points using money.

Point into Cash

Allow your users to redeem myCred points for actual money.

Create Discount Coupons

Create coupons that your users can redeem for points.

Display Email Notifications

Enable you to inform your users via email about their points status.

Integrate Payment Gateways

Let shoppers pay with myCred points on your online store.

Real-time Status Notifications

Enable popup notifications that display status updates.

Sell Content for Points

Sell your website content in exchange for myCred points.

Display Statistical data

Convert log data into charts to help visualize points usage and points circulation.

Use myCred for Rewards Program & Increase Your Revenue Today…

A rewards program is a key ingredient to creating a profitable website.

myCred enables you to create a rewards program to give users a chance to win points, badges, or ranks. Don’t miss the opportunity to improve sales and download myCred Now!

Implement Next-Level Gamification Functionality Using myCred’s Enhanced Add-ons

myCred WooCommerce Plus

Give users the power to create coupons, pay partial payments and more using myCred points.

myCred Social Share Add on

myCred Social Share Addon allows you to award your users points every time they share your posts on social media.

Notifications Plus

myCred Notification add-on gives you the power to post instant notifications for ranks and badges.

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