motopress google maps addon

MotoPress Google Maps Addon 1.4.4

on May 9, 2024


About MotoPress Google Maps Addon

The MotoPress Google Maps Addon is a powerful plugin designed for WordPress websites. This addon allows users to easily integrate interactive Google Maps into their websites to enhance their user experience. With this addon, website owners can easily mark locations, display routes, and provide directions to their visitors, making it ideal for businesses, travel websites, or any website that requires location-based services.

The MotoPress Google Maps Addon offers a range of features and customization options. Users can easily add unlimited markers to the map, customize each marker’s icon, and add descriptions, images, and links to provide additional information. The addon also allows users to create custom routes and display them on the map. Additionally, website owners can enable a live search functionality, allowing visitors to easily find specific locations on the map. With its user-friendly interface and extensive functionality, the MotoPress Google Maps Addon is an essential tool for WordPress users looking to enhance their websites with interactive maps.

Features of MotoPress Google Maps Addon

– Integrate Google Maps functionality into your WordPress website
– Create custom maps with markers and overlays
– Display maps in multiple styles: roadmap, satellite, hybrid, or terrain
– Customize map appearance by changing colors and styles
– Add unlimited markers with custom icons and tooltips
– Group markers into categories for easy organization
– Display locations with detailed information and images in info windows
– Add overlays like lines, polygons, and circles to enhance your maps
– Adjust map settings like zoom level, scroll wheel behavior, and navigation controls
– Utilize geolocation to display user’s current location on the map
– Enable directions for visitors to find routes to specified destinations
– Responsive design for optimal viewing on any device


In conclusion, the MotoPress Google Maps Addon for WordPress offers a powerful and user-friendly solution for integrating Google Maps into your website. It allows you to easily embed maps with customized markers and labels, giving your visitors access to accurate location information. The intuitive interface and drag-and-drop functionality make it simple to create and customize maps without any coding knowledge. With features like street view, directions, and responsive design, this addon brings enhanced functionality and an interactive experience to your website. Whether you’re a business wanting to display your store locations or a travel blogger sharing your adventures, the MotoPress Google Maps Addon is a valuable tool that enhances the visual appeal and functionality of your WordPress website.

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