Meow Media Cleaner Pro 6.7.6 Delete unused files from WordPress

on June 7, 2024

$29.00 $5.00

Clean your WordPress from useless files in your filesystem, and unused entries in your Media Library. This extremely powerful tool has been perfected and even rewritten completely through the years and numerous collaborations. You will love it – and if you don’t, let me know! I will make it better for you.

Media Library Scan / Filesystem Scan

There is no scan better than the others, they just achieve a different type of scan, and provide different results. To actually clean your WordPress at 100%, you need to execute both. Depending on the state of your WordPress and how you actually use it, you might only need one or the other.

  • Media Library Scan: Media Cleaner will first analyze your whole WordPress and create a database of the files which are in use in your content. Then, it will go through every media in your Media Library, and check if it’s part of the used files.
  • Filesystem Scan: Media Cleaner will analyze your whole Media Library (including the metadata) and create a database of the files which are registered in it. Then, it will go through every single file in the filesystem (or hard drive, if you prefer), and check if it’s part of the used files.

Please note that this is the behavior by default (and the recommended one). As you will see in the tutorial, you can alter this behavior through the settings.

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