media file renamer pro

Media File Renamer Pro 5.9.3 [Activated]

on June 8, 2024

$39.00 $5.50

  • Auto-Rename – When the title of a Media entry is modified, the files are renamed automatically.
  • Manual-Rename – You can edit your filenames from the Media Library, the Media Edit screen, or the Renamer Dashboard.
  • Lock & Unlock – The media entries can be locked to avoid further renaming (or undoing). Check the tutorial to know more.
  • Undo button – There is an issue? You aren’t satisfied with the filename? Here is the Undo button!
  • Ultra-customizable – There are many filters and actions which developers can use. If you need to customize the way the files are renamed, or if you need to start the process at specific times, you can do it.
  • Transliteration – Advanced transliteration which has been built on thousands of different use cases.
  • Additional Auto Methods – Additional methods for auto-renaming your files. Based on the Post Attached Title (Product, for example), Anonimization, ALT text, etc.
  • Numbered files – If the ideal filename already exists, a number will be appended, and increased if needs to be.
  • SQL Logging – Every SQL requests performed by the Renamer will be logged, as well as the anti-requests (for rollback purposes).
  • Sync Meta – Some of your metadata can be synchronized with the title of the filename automatically.

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