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Live News v2.18 Real Time News Ticker

on December 20, 2023


The Live News WordPress plugin is a versatile tool for creating news tickers similar to those used by broadcast television stations to display the latest news, financial updates, weather warnings, election results, sports scores, and more. This plugin utilizes jQuery and AJAX to update news in real-time, allowing your website visitors to stay informed without needing to refresh the page.

Key features of the Live News plugin include:

Multiple News Sources:

  • Manually Added News: Create and customize news tickers by manually entering news content. You have full control over the content, color schemes, and images associated with each news item.
  • News from WordPress Posts: Generate news tickers based on WordPress post titles, excerpts, and permalinks. You can choose to include all posts or specific categories.
  • News from RSS Feeds: Retrieve news from your preferred RSS feeds, which can include your website’s RSS feed, news channels, or other sources.
  • News from Twitter: Display the latest tweets from your Twitter account or other accounts you wish to follow.

Customization Options:

  • Over 56 customizable options per news ticker, allowing you to configure the player’s behavior and appearance.
  • Options to choose news sources, decide which categories to consider (for WordPress posts), and remove links, hashtags, and usernames (for Twitter sources).
  • Customizable settings for font size, color schemes, and image placement.
  • Support for both left-to-right (LTR) and right-to-left (RTL) languages.
  • Responsive design to adapt to different screen sizes and devices.
  • Optional features like displaying or hiding the clock, choosing how news links are opened, and defining the news ticker’s behavior on mobile devices.

Optimization and Performance:

  • Efficient use of WordPress Transients API to minimize database queries, HTTP requests to RSS sources, and Twitter API requests. This ensures efficient performance and avoids exceeding provider limits.

Multisite and Multilanguage Ready:

  • Supports WordPress Multisite, allowing activation on individual sites within the network.
  • Comes with default English and Italian language support, making it easy to translate the plugin into other languages.

Overall, the Live News plugin provides an efficient and highly customizable solution for creating news tickers on your WordPress website. You can control news content, appearance, and sources, making it a valuable tool for delivering real-time updates to your site’s visitors.

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