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Kikote PRO v1.8.9 Location Picker at Checkout for WooCommerce

on January 3, 2024


Introducing Kikote: Revolutionizing Deliveries & Pickups with Location Picker at Checkout

Say goodbye to delivery hassles and welcome a seamless customer experience with Kikote, the ultimate solution that empowers customers to choose their location directly on a checkout map. Revolutionize your checkout process with these powerful features:

Plugin Features:

  1. Detect Customer’s Current Location:
    • Kikote effortlessly detects the customer’s current location, providing a quick and accurate starting point for the delivery process.
  2. Adjustable Map Pin:
    • Allow customers to make adjustments and move the map pin for precise location selection, ensuring accuracy in deliveries and pickups.
  3. Auto-fill Shipping and Billing Address:
    • Save customers time by automatically filling shipping and billing addresses from the selected location on the map. Google Places Autocomplete enhances the process further.
  4. Map Visibility Rules:
    • Tailor the visibility of the map based on specific conditions such as shipping method, cart subtotals, coupon codes, guest orders, and more.
  5. Order Map Views:
    • Both store owners and customers gain a visual representation of current and past orders on a map directly from their dashboard. This feature streamlines order management and provides customers with order location visibility.
  6. Shipping Workflows:
    • Kikote offers powerful shipping workflows, enabling adjustments to shipping prices based on the customer’s chosen location. Customize your shipping process for a tailored experience.
  7. Custom Map Designs:
    • Tweak the map design to seamlessly integrate with your store’s aesthetic. Regardless of your color scheme, Kikote allows you to create a map design that harmonizes with your checkout page.

Elevate your customer’s checkout experience, streamline order fulfillment, and customize your shipping workflows with Kikote’s Location Picker at Checkout. Revolutionize the way you handle deliveries and pickups, providing a hassle-free and visually engaging process for both store owners and customers alike.

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