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Flexible Wishlist PRO – 1.1.9 Analytics & Emails

on May 5, 2024


Flexible Wishlist PRO – Analytics & Emails

Allow customers save their favorite products for later and identify the most popular products by tracking wishlists’ content. Create and send promotional e-mails. Stay one step ahead of your customers’ needs and meet their demands.

Why Flexible Wishlist PRO – Analytics & Emails?

This is not just an ordinary wishlist plugin for WooCommerce. Flexible Wishlist PRO is more than that

A powerful tool that will allow you to get great results with minimal effort.

Promotional emails

Create and send promotional emails. Make promotional campaigns for selected users and get rid of surplus stock.

View users’ lists

Have insight into your customers’ wishlists and stay one step ahead of their needs.

Track wishlist content

Analyze the most frequently added products to wishlists. If a product is added to the wish list but doesn’t sell, that’s a red flag.

Gift Wishlists

Let your customers create personalized gift wishlists. Make buying gifts easier.

Increase your sales

Reduce shopping cart abandonment rate and increase the conversion rate in your store.

Personalized wishlists

Select the icon for adding a product to the wishlist and personalize all text inputs.

Plugin highlights

Create your ideal Wishlist for WooCommerce. Lightweight and simple WooCommerce wishlist plugin. Fits any theme. Customize texts and icons. Increase sales. 100% flexible and customizable.

Customizable Add to wishlist icon

Not only can you choose the for adding a product to your wishlist, but you can also quickly and easily choose its placement on the product page and on the store page.

Lightweight and so easy to use

Our WooCommerce wishlist doesn’t add any unnecessary code, making the plugin lightweight. Plus, it’s intuitive and easy to use – you don’t need to be an expert!

Customizable text inputs

All text inputs supported by our wishlist are personalized. You can change the labels, the text on the button to add a product to the wishlist, or the wishlist name itself. After all, not every list needs to be called My Wishlist. How about My dream closet?

Track all wishlist content

The plugin gives you a quick preview of all the wishlists your customers have created in the store. You can quickly and easily check how many wishlists they have established and you can easily reach users by creating a promotional campaign just for them.

Popular products, tags, and categories

Have you ever wondered how many times a particular product from your store has made it to your wishlist but not been purchased? The same goes for the categories and tags you have in your store.

If you see that a product has been added to multiple wish lists but not purchased, that means you should look into the situation!


Create promotional email campaigns in WooCommerce divided by specific products, tags or categories. This works great if you see users adding products, for example, from a particular category to their wishlists, but for some reason those products don’t make it to the shopping cart.

This signals to you that you can do some promotion. How about sending an email with a discount code for products belonging to a certain category? It’s easy!

All features in brief

What makes our Wishlist for WooCommerce plugin better than the others? Check all features:

Better customer relations

✅ Allow only registered users to save the wishlist and access it on all devices
✅ Allow users to add product ideas for later
✅ Allow all users to create a list
✅ Discover the most popular products added to all wishlists created by users in your store
✅ Find out how many users have added a specific item to how many wishlists
✅ Have insight into your customers’ wishlists

Customizable wishlists

✅ Create unlimited number of lists
✅ Add unlimited number of products to the list
✅ Copy products from one list to another
✅ Add a product to the list from the shop page
✅ Add a product to the wishlist by using a popup window
✅ Find out when each wishlist was created

Promotional campaigns

✅ Preview the number of products included in a specific wishlist
✅ Create and send promotional emails in WooCommerce
✅ Analyze stock status
✅ Filter the data by date, popular products, tags, item quantity, stock status, and more

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