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Flexible Coupons PRO – Custom Shortcodes v1.0.10 (WPDesk)

on May 6, 2024

$39.00 $5.70

Flexible Coupons PRO – Custom Shortcodes

Custom Shortcodes is an add-on to the Flexible PDF Coupons PRO plugin that lets you create your shortcodes and import the values of the WooCommerce fields into the PDF templates of your gift cards.

What makes this add-on so good?

Create shortcodes from WooCommerce fields and import their values into the templates.

⚠️ This is an addon for Flexible PDF Coupons WooCommerce PRO 🎫

Small GREAT Add-on

A small but extremely useful add-on. It allows you to add new shortcodes to PDF templates created with Flexible PDF Coupons PRO.


Easily and attractively expand the offer of your store! Using the add-on is a snap, you don’t need to be a professional.


The plugin supports WooCommerce attributes, product fields, and orders.

Your own functions

Create your own functions and then shorts which will import the value to the PDF.


Set up shortcodes based on the fields of Flexible Product Fields and Flexible Checkout Fields.

Import values

Import WooCommerce field values into gift card templates. Everything will take you up to five minutes.

Plugin highlights

Take a look at the carousel with screenshots and see the add-on capabilities.

Resource name

Select the resource from which you want to retrieve values for the coupon template.

You can choose from the following resources:

  • Order
  • Order meta
  • Product
  • Product attributes
  • Site settings
  • Callable function
Meta field name

The fields in the second column coordinate with your choice in the first column. Even the most demanding and extraordinary needs will be met with a wide selection of possible options.

After selecting all these options, all that’s left for you is to name the created shortcode. It’s that simple!

PDF Coupon Template

The shortcodes you create will automatically appear where you create gift cards in the Flexible PDF Coupons PRO plugin.

The plugin is fast, lightweight, and incredibly easy to use.

1. Step one – creating a shortcode

Creating new shortcodes is a matter of a few minutes!

After installing the plugin, go to PDF Coupons → Shortcodes and define your own shorts in the same way as on the screenshot.

2nd step – using a shortcode

✔️ After saving your shortcode, go to Coupons → Templates → Template Name and open the shortcodes tab.

Voilà, your new shortcodes are here! Place it on the template and you are all set and ready to go! 🚀

All features in brief

Custom Shortcodes lets you create new shortcodes for your PDF gift card templates.


✅ Create shortcodes tailored to your needs
✅ Name your shortcodes with custom names

Gift cards

✅ Enhance gift cards created in Flexible PDF Coupons PRO
✅ Insert shortcodes into drag and drop editor


✅ Create shorts for fields created with Flexible Checkout Fields
✅ Create shorts for fields created with Flexible Product Fields

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