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Filr Premium

on May 13, 2024

$49.00 $5.50

Create and manage a document library on your WordPress site with the best WordPress document library plugin, Filr.

Securely store, manage and upload files and share them with your users.

Easy File Management no Matter the File Type

Create files from a familiar interface, upload files and manage access all from a single screen.

Control the expiration by date and number of downloads, and restrict files by e-mail or user role.

Manage files in folders and manage extensive lists of files without complexity.

Keep Your Document Library Secure

You’ll be able to keep your important documents secure with Filr’s in-built security features.

Restrict your document library directory with .htaccess or PHP to protect unwanted access from users and Google.

Create encrypted and secured URLs to deliver files based on several restrictions like expiration and user role with the click of a button. Plus, control the expiration date, number of downloads, and restrict files by e-mail or user role to have peace of mind.

Share and Display Your Document Library

Display documents in our easy-to-customize document library table and add this table to any page or post with a shortcode.

Customize the table’s style with color, border, and font size settings. Customize the table’s contents by adding and/or removing all columns.

Add sortable features to your document library to allow customers to filtersort, and search through your document library to find the list of documents they need.

Allow User Uploads

With Filr, you can let users upload and manage files from the frontend of your WordPress site.

Restrict access to the uploader by e-mail or user role, manage the publishing status, and get notified once a new file gets submitted.

Give your users the option to select a library to upload, and add a custom file name.

The best document library in WordPress 

Filr is constantly updated with new features. Here are just some of them.

Easy Folder Management

Manage your WordPress files within folders and get maximum control of how files are displayed and structured within the document library.

Include External Files

Add external files to your document library with ease. Change the file mode, paste the external URL, and Filr handles the rest.

Frontend uploader

Let users upload files directly from the frontend of your WordPress website. Customize the uploader, limit by user role or email, and more.

Expire by date

With Filr you can let files expire by a certain date. Set an end date and let Filr manage the tracking and expiration for you by using WP-Cron to be always on time.

Expire by downloads

Set files to expire after a certain number of downloads with Filr. An indicator in the file overview shows you the remaining downloads so you can easily keep track.

Secure URLs

Use secure and encrypted file URLs to prevent any abuse of your documents and files. Filr uses PHP to always check all permissions and restrictions before allowing the download.

Secure URLs

Use secure and encrypted file URLs to prevent any abuse of your documents and files. Filr uses PHP to always check all permissions and restrictions before allowing the download.

Restrict by Username and Role

You can restrict access to a username or entire user role directly within a file. Users will only see the files you want them to see.

Directory Protection

Simple and reliable protection for your download directory. Global and per download – there’s no way around the protection.

File Cleaner

An automatic file cleaner makes sure that only your desired files are in your directory. It checks the status every time you edit, open, or modify a file.

Library Customization

Customize the document library shortcode within Filr’s settings. Add columns, disable them, and reorder them.

User Friendly

Filr is searchable, so you can let users search, sort, and filter within your document library. Responsive design to look awesome on any device.

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