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Event Schedule Manager 1.2.0 The Events Calendar

on May 15, 2024

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Event Schedule Manager: Create Perfect Event Schedules

Event Schedule Manager is a powerful tool designed to help you easily create and display the perfect schedule for your events. Whether it’s a simple wedding or a complex convention, this plugin is equipped to handle various types of events, providing features that cater to different needs.

Key Features:

  1. Perfect Schedules for All Events:
    • From weddings and fundraisers to conventions, conferences, tradeshows, and festivals, Event Schedule Manager is versatile and suitable for all types of events.
  2. Cool Tools for Advanced Functionality:
    • The plugin offers tools to enhance your event schedules, catering to complex requirements.
    • Handle events with multiple tracks, spanning over several days, featuring speakers, and accommodating various levels of sponsors.
  3. Simultaneous Multi-Track Support:
    • Clearly organize jam-packed agendas into customizable tracks, complete with location and tags.
  4. Mainstage Highlight:
    • Easily make mainstage sessions stand out with a single click, ensuring they catch the audience’s attention.
  5. Speakers and Sponsors Organization:
    • Organize speakers into groups and sponsors by level.
    • Create dedicated speaker and sponsor pages for a comprehensive overview.
  6. Works on Any Post Type:
    • Use Event Schedule Manager independently or in conjunction with The Events Calendar.
    • Achieve enhanced functionality when used with Event Tickets.
  7. Shortcodes for Customization:
    • Utilize shortcodes to customize what gets displayed, control link behavior, and adjust the appearance of the schedule.
  8. Accessibility Compliant (A11Y):
    • Developed with accessibility in mind, ensuring compliance with accessibility standards.
    • Guaranteed absence of WAVE errors and adherence to WCAG standards.
  9. Block Editor Ready:
    • Built with Gutenberg from the start, allowing users to add, configure, and preview schedules visually through the block editor.

How to Use: Follow the step-by-step guide provided by Event Schedule Manager to set up your schedules. Whether you’re organizing a simple or complex event, this plugin empowers you to create and showcase schedules seamlessly.

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