Epsilon Osclass Theme

Epsilon Osclass Theme v1.3.0

on June 14, 2023


Premium classifieds and marketplace theme with excellent design, first-class UX, dark mode support and special features like preferred location. Theme has 30% smaller stylesheets and scripts comparing to similar premium themes that enhance loading time, especially on mobile devices.

Ultimate classifieds theme

Epsilon theme can be considered as master piece of webdesign, functionality and scalability. It comes with features never seen on other themes and completely redesigned core, scripts and styles.

Core theme features:

  • Excellent UX and UI
  • Dark mode support
  • Unique functionality to save user preferred location and show listings close to customer’s location, including recent locations and search patterns
  • Native support for non-uniform images (force image aspect)
  • Offer of the day feature
  • 100% support for lazy loading of images
  • Custom colors and fonts
  • Brand new optimization features and functions (using also Osclass 8.0.2 fine-tuning)
  • Optimized header and seo structure
  • Alerts (subscriptions) reinvented and fully functional
  • Premium swipper image gallery
  • Redesigned and reinvented ajax search
  • Ajax calls optimized across theme
  • Premium listings block on home page showing listing closest to customer geolocation (if available)
  • Grid, List and Detail (new!) listing card view types
  • Custom aspect ratio for images (wide, square, normal, tall)
  • Custom modal box with backdrop effect (blurry cover)
  • Sticky header
  • Related ads feature (built-in)
  • Recent ads feature (built-in) viewed by customer
  • Mobile ready, optimized and built with accent to mobile users
  • User public profile with pagination
  • Sticky mobile menu
  • Best sellers (users) gallery on home page
  • Custom image gallery aspect ratio
  • 20 pre-defined banner boxes with adsense optimization
  • Full support for Osclass profile picture uploader
  • Users online/offline status
  • Backoffice with redesigned layout and numerous configuration options
  • Pre-integration and custom styling for 15+ plugins
  • Support for locations auto-complete & cascading dropdowns (country > region > city)
  • RTL ready
  • Customized print listing page
  • Redesigned report listing feature

Theme design (UX & UI)

Epsilon theme, from absolute start, has been designed primarily for mobile devices with huge effort to make User Experience as best as it is possible in Osclass. We’ve spent tens of hours studying customer behaviour and way how they work with classifieds, what features they miss, what must be redesigned and what should stay as it is.

In order to support UX, we’ve created brand new features connected to user preferred location, advanced radius search to find close listings, recent ads features, saving most recent locations and patterns used into cookies to make using of classifieds or marketplace website easier.

Worth to mention is, that theme has been created completely from scratch, not using parts of any other theme. What was needed was selected and added later. This procedure was selected to reduce size of stylesheets and scripts, remove legacy code, files and image.

Dark mode support

Epsilon as first theme for Osclass comes with support of dark mode. Theme also allow to enter preferred dark mode color, if is different to “white” mode. Dark mode is supported only in case device is switched to dark mode. When device is not using dark mode, theme will not use dark mode as well. Dark mode can be disabled by customer in mobile menu, this preference is stored in cookies so customer does not need to disable dark mode each time.

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