Divi Responsive Helper

Divi Responsive Helper v2.2.4

on June 18, 2023


The Divi Responsive Helper is the ultimate Divi responsive toolkit with awesome features and settings to help make your website look great and function well on all devices!

Over (50) Main Features And Counting!

Choose The Number of Row Columns

If you want to have two columns side-by-side on mobile…what do you do? You can’t! But with the Divi Responsive Helper, you can! Our super helpful column number feature allows you to choose the number of columns that stack side-by-side on Desktop and Phone device sizes.

Set Row Column Stacking Order

You no longer have to add crazy code or pull your hair out trying to change the column stacking order. This feature allows you to manually choose the order in which the columns stack on top of each other on Desktop and Phone device sizes.

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