disable bloat for wordpress & woocommerce pro

Disable Bloat for WordPress & WooCommerce PRO v3.4.4

on May 24, 2024

$29.99 $5.00

The name says it all. This plugin removes bloat.

Bloat makes your website slow; and your WordPress panel is unusable. Imagine getting rid of it in a minute. We got the solution.

Here’s how Disable Bloat is going to help you:

(We got all these features, really)

Declutter your WooCommerce

  •  Disable whatever WooCommerce admin features you want to improve your experience
  •  Get rid off WooCommerce ads bothering you in different places of your admin panel
  •  Slim down your website by reducing the number of unwanted CSS and JS files

Optimize WordPress admin panel

  •  Make the admin panel smooth and clean, by removing unnecessary elements
  •  Enhance your site’s login page. The plugin uses built-in WordPress filters and actions which do not increase site load time.

Boost your site’s performance

  •  Get rid of slowing down your page features that you never use, like Password Strength Meter.
  •  Clean up your site’s HTML Header section, by removing unwanted scripts.
  •  Disable deprecated Emoji scripts, as every modern browser supports emojis.

Disable unused core WordPress features

  •  Enhance speed and security by disabling insecure XML-RPC API feature
  •  By default, WordPress saves each post revision in your database which may lead to the enormous size of your database. Disable post revisions and sleep well.
  •  Turn off the built-in WordPress File Editor to improve your site’s speed and performance

Get control over the Block Editor

  •  Disable whatever features of the Block Editor that you find unnecessary for you:
  •        WordPress Block Directory
  •        Template Editor
  •        Welcome Guide
  •  You can also disable the Block Editor completely if you don’t use it

Third-party plugins

 Plugin integrates with third-party plugins and also removes bloat which comes with these plugins:

  •        Yoast SEO
  •        WPML
  •        Advanced Custom Fields
  •        Contact Form 7
  •        Elementor
  •        Advanced Custom Fields

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