darkify wordpress dark mode plugin

Darkify 1.0.3 WordPress Dark Mode Plugin

on May 24, 2024

$29.00 $5.00

Revolutionize Your Website with Darkify – The Ultimate Dark Mode Plugin for WordPress

Darkify stands as a cutting-edge dark mode plugin, elevating the user experience on any WordPress website. This feature-rich plugin offers a dark mode switcher for both the frontend and WordPress admin, providing extensive customization options to seamlessly adapt every element of your website to perfection in any mode.

Why Choose Darkify?

Stay Ahead of the Trend

With 81.9% of smartphone users embracing dark mode and 64.6% expecting websites to automatically apply it, Darkify keeps your website in tune with user preferences. The plugin ensures your audience stays longer on your site by providing a comfortable accessibility option that aligns with their preferences.

Key Features

  1. Frontend and Admin Panel Dark Mode: Enable dark mode seamlessly for both the frontend and WordPress admin.
  2. Default Dark Mode: Set dark mode as the default, creating a visually appealing experience from the start.
  3. Time-Based Activation: Enable or disable dark mode based on user device time, offering a dynamic viewing experience.
  4. OS Setting Integration: Toggle dark mode based on the user’s device operating system setting, enhancing user convenience.
  5. Keyboard Shortcuts: Enable dark mode effortlessly using keyboard shortcuts, catering to both Mac and Windows users.
  6. Color Presets: Choose from 8 awesome color presets for dark mode, ensuring a visually pleasing aesthetic.
  7. Floating Toggle Switcher: Access 12 floating toggle switcher options with extensive customization possibilities.
  8. Shortcode Integration: Easily implement toggle switchers using shortcodes, providing flexibility in placement.
  9. Draggable Switcher: Arrange switchers conveniently with draggable functionality.
  10. Menu Integration: Include switchers in the menu for a seamless user experience.
  11. Image Customization: Adjust image brightness, grayscale, background darkening, and more for a cohesive dark mode experience.
  12. Content Restriction: Restrict dark mode for specific posts, pages, or individual elements, ensuring optimal presentation.
  13. Custom CSS: Implement custom CSS for fine-tuning and personalization.
  14. RTL and Multi-Language Ready: Darkify supports Right-to-Left languages and is multi-language ready, enhancing accessibility.
  15. Backup Option: Easily transfer settings between websites with the backup option, streamlining the setup process.

Invest in Darkify to revolutionize your website’s accessibility and aesthetics. Download the plugin now to offer your audience a modern, customizable, and user-friendly dark mode experience.

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    $29.00 $5.00

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    Beaver Builder, Block Editor, Elementor, Elementor Pro, Visual Composer, WPML

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